Life as A Sonic Character PART 3

Hey. Written by me, a friend, and Manic_Rocks.(She's not on here anymore)

Chapter 1


Hannah's POV
Kristen, Morgan, and I woke up on Easter almost at the same time. I curled her hair and got dressed in a blue and black dress. Kristen wore her hair in a braid and had a white, flow-y dress on. Mo’s hair was also braided and she wore a pretty turquoise dress with a light green ribbon. They were all ready for the day. Sara was already awake and dressed in a short-cut pink dress that had some sparkles. Megan on the other hand, was still peacefully asleep with her iPod ear-buds still shoved in her ears. "I'll handle this." Kristen said hopping up onto Megan's bed. "WAKE UP!!!!" Kristen screamed, making everyone jump. "Jeez! A little nudge on the shoulder and a 'Megan can you please get up?' would be MUCH better." Megan said/yawned. Kristen just shrugged. Then, we forced Megan into a black and purple dress. We just kept her hair the way it was.
The guys were running around, preparing the party room for a surprise Easter Dance. They all dressed in ties and stuff Since they didn't really know how to cook(except chili dogs for Sonic),Cream cooked a few snacks and a big thing of steak. Also, she made some cake and ice cream.
"Oh my gosh! This is amazing! Sara exclaimed. "I know right?" Amy agreed. "Beef!" Mo yelled, running toward the steak table. Manic followed. Shadow and I were randomly dancing, Manic and Mo were talking about Sonic Underground and eating, Sara and Knuckles were watching Sonic X, Fang and Megan were watching funny Youtube videos and-KABLAM! Something dropped. Oh! It was just Marine's fork. "Attention! I am flying home on a ship Tails made, so, we're breaking up! Bye!" Marine yelled, flying out. Harsh. "So, wanna go out again?" Kristen asked Tails. "Yes!" He agreed. So hurray! Hurray! Everything turned out okay!

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