Getting Back at the Chosen One - A Draco Malfoy Love Story

So this is set in Harry's fourth year, and for the purposes of this story, the Weasley twins are one year older, not two. Thanks, hope you like!

Chapter 1

Breaking up with ScarHead.

by: mario2171
"You're just a priss! Can't take a joke, think you're better than me cause you've some stupid scar on your forehead, why in God's name should I want to stay with you?!"
"What, so you're the 'perfect' girlfriend? I hardly saying that making out with the Weasley twins on two different occasions is faithful! How do you think I feel, seeing Ron stare at you all the time?"
"And it's my fault Ron stares? I was completely off my face at a party, and both the twins took the chance! So don't go acting the hero, and next time I'm in 'danger' I'll get someone who doesn't need to go to the hospital wing first. You treated me like something you could leave in a cupboard for a while, and come back to when you could be bothered. Bye, Harry." Izzi turned round, and stormed up the stairs to her dorm. She threw herself onto her bed and grabbed her headphones and iPod, turning Avril Lavigne up as loud as she could. Hermione looked at her, but knew better than to ask her any questions when she was in this sort of mood. Izzi glanced at the time. 11.37pm. She hated Harry so much, and had reasons. What was he doing, staring at Cho constantly when he had a girlfriend? "Well, he used to..." she thought to herself. Hermione agreed that he wasn't treating her right, and she knew Izzi was going to dump him. Okay, maybe she wasn't super faithful, but she told him that! He had said he was cool with it. Git. She felt Hermione's hand on her arm. "Can we talk?" Izzi turned around, and faced Hermione. "If we have to."
"You're going to get him back now aren't you?"
"Oh yes. He deserves it. I know he's your best mate, but he's not mine. So I don't give a shti."
"Fine. But don't drag me into it."
"I won't."
"Promise me something?"
"If you're gonna get off with someone, please don't use Ron."
"Okay." She yanked out the messy bun in her dirty blonde hair, and went into the bathroom. She got changed into her pyjamas, and brushed her teeth. She already knew what she was planning for tomorrow. Her fourth year was going to be fun.

"Are you seriously going to classes like that?" Hermione stared at Izzi, who was grinning mischeviously. "He'll yeah." She was wearing an extremely short skirt, fishnet tights, false eyelashes, a lot of eyeliner and lip gloss. Her plain black lace up high heeled boots contrasted with the Gryffindor tie she wore loosely around her neck. She was usually in makeup, and always had dark smoky eyes, but today, it was like she had made a copy of her usual self, then blown it up and made it bigger and much more noticable. Hermione raised her eyebrows and walked to breakfast with her.

When she walked down the stairs, Seamus Finnagan actually stopped to stare at her. She blew him a kiss, and laughed with Hermione. When they arrived at the breakfast table, she noticed Harry looking miserable. She smiled. His life was about to get a million times worse. Izzi sat inbetween the two Weasley twins, and infront of Dean Thomas. Harry sat with Ron and Hermione, and she distinctly heard Hermione say "It's your own fault Harry." Izzi almost laughed, but instead turned her attention to George. "Hey Georgie. Hey Freddie. What you having for breakfast?" Fred grinned cheekily. "I dunno, see anything you like?" She winked at him. "Maybe." Picking up a piece of toast, Izzi made sure Harry heard the next thing she said. "Who are you thinking of taking to the Yule Ball?" Harry's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe she was asking. "I'm not sure, how about you George?" Fred said.
"I couldn't tell you for certain. She's gorgeous though." Izzi grinned, and stood up. "Nice chatting to you boys, have to go." She planted a kiss on both of their cheeks, and left, while Harry looked like he might hit someone.

Izzi left Charms in a good mood, having spent the whole double doing nothing but flirting with Neville, much to Harry's displeasure. She turned a corner and was about to go to lunch, when she walked into someone. "Sorry."
"Is it true?" She looked up. Draco Malfoy's grey eyes pierced her and she looked straight back at him. She heard Harry, Ron and Hermione chatting in the corridor behind them. "Is what true?"
"You broke up with Potter, and you're single?"
"Yep." He took a step towards her.
"I heard that you want to make him jealous, to get back at him."
"Because I hate his guts." His face was centimetre from her own. "Want to make him mad?"
"Definitly." Izzi knew what he was going to do seconds before he did. He grabbed her waist and started kissing her passionately, and she kissed back. The two were both well aware that Harry was approaching them, and his voice broke into her head. "What do you think you're doing Malfoy?" He stopped kissing her, but didn't let go of Izzi. "Got a problem, Potter?"
"Let go of her."
"Why should I? Didn't you see her? She was enjoying it a lot more than anything I'd ever seen you two share." Harry brought out his wand but Izzi was faster. She pointed it at him and glared at him. "In case you didn't understand what I said last night, Potter, I'll tell you again. I dumped you. I have every right to kiss who ever the he'll I want. So shove off, and go stick your wand somewhere." She turned back to Draco, smiled, and left, leaving them all stunned.

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