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This is my first story. Please tell me what you think! (:

Chapter 1


"Michael, open the stupid door!" I stood there, waiting for him. No answer. I pounded on him apartment door harder this time. I couldn't believe he was ignoring me.
"Mike please! I just need to talk to you!" Again, no answer. I thought about waiting there for hours, possibly forever. He had to come out at some time. So, I went next to the door and sat down. After about twenty minutes I found myself asleep, my head on my knees. I lifted my head just to find Michael, standing in front of me, arms crossed. I had so many questions for him swirling around in my head. But, for some reason none of them would come out of my mouth. I just sat there, mouth open, waiting for him to say something first. Nothing, he said nothing at all. So, I figured I had to talk first.
"Um, hi." Hi? Really? I sounded like a complete idiot.
"Hi." He speaks. Thank God! I was waiting for his voice. Oh, how I loved his voice! So soft and quiet. He rarely yelled. Last time he yelled was the last time I saw him.
Back in January was our fight. We were going back to his apartment after going to dinner. He took him me out for his birthday. We started drinking a bit. I’m only seventeen but I told him I was twenty. I only lied to him because I thought he would never like me if he knew I was seventeen. I thought it was about midnight but when I asked him the time he told me three in the morning. I started freaking out. My dad was going to kill me, and he were going to kill me even more when he figured out I was completely drunk. I wouldn’t be able to get past him. Right when I would walk through the door he would be standing there. He would smell the drunken odor on me and I would be grounded for life. Eventually Mike would find out after that that I’m seventeen. Ah crap. I told him I had to go but he insisted on me going to his apartment. I could only assume he would want me to spend the whole night there. Then I would be really dead. Well, because we were both extremely drunk, this wasn’t very easy. I couldn’t remember what happened after what was going through my head the rest was a blur. I did remember screaming, from both of us, and saying I was seventeen. I also remembered that after I said seventeen, his face went blank. I could only imagine what he was thinking. I started apologizing and telling him why I lied but all he said to go in his car. Feeling horrible I listened. He drove me home without saying a word. It was like he was never drunk and never drank at all. We got out of the car and I unlocked the door. What was he still doing here? Did he want my dad to murder him? I still didn’t say anything though. I walked in and he followed me. My dad was standing there waiting for me. He looked at Mike. Told me to sit down in our living room and told Mike to go into the kitchen. My dad followed Mike into the kitchen and I could vaguely hear what they were saying. I heard Michael say how he thought I was twenty. At least ten minutes later they walked out. Mike left and my dad looked at me. Well, the next thing that happened was the weirdest.
“Ronnie?” I looked up. I was still on the floor sitting down next to his door. The flashback stopped and I was back in reality.
“Sorry I was just-“
“Remembering the last time we saw each other?” Michael interrupted.
“Yeah, how did you know?” My cheeks were bright red. How did he know that’s exactly what I was thinking?
“You had the same expression on your face when you told me your seventeen.” Well, now I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say. Hearing him say how I lied to him didn’t make me feel much better. I looked down, not sure what to say, again. He came and sat down next to me. I looked at him. Looking into his eyes made me feel so good. It reminded me of the first time we met.

Authors note: Thanks for reading! Please comment!! Where do you think they should meet? And the first person with a great idea can be in the story(:

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