So What (Ashley Purdy and Max Green and Dahvie Vanity Love Story)

Damian Abraxis, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15, 1993
Broken Hearted and Shy but secretly very creative.
Haze Amanda, Filman. Age 18 Birthday March 15,1993
Out going and very athletic.
Halley Danelle, Hallbone. Age 18 Birthday June 13, 1993
Out going, loud and has a bad temper.

Chapter 1

He's not gonna be here

by: KDVampire
"Damian cheer up," I said.
"How can I, he cheated on me and lied about it, not only did he cheat on me he did it with my best friend," Damian growled.
"Look you'll get to meet Max Green," Halley smiled.
"Yeah I guess you're right," he broke. That's right Damian's my gay twin brother.
"Nick's a as*ole any way forget about him," Halley said.
"So was Raven," I added.
Damian turned his head and looked back he was crying again.
"What," I asked. I looked over and saw Nick and Raven kissing.
Halley looked pissed and then she got out of line and went up to them.
"You guys are bast
rds," she screached. "Nick if you were really drunk when you cheated then, you wouldn't be here kissing Raven's face off and Raven if you really were his bestfriend you wouldn't be with Nick," she screamed.
"Maybe that's because we never really cared about him," they said.
"You guys are F'ed up," Halley screamed louder then ever.
"They never cared about me," Damian cried.
He got up and ran I tried to follow him but he got lost in the croud.

Raven and Nick never cared for me, I should have known. I just kept running, not knowing or caring were I ended up, but I was hoping to end up dead in the middle of the street.
"Ow," someone complained as I bumped in to them but I didn't stop. Then I rambed in to someone and we both crashed to the floor.
"You ok," the guy asked.
"Physically yes emotionally no," I said.

I ran in the general direction I thought he was running in when I ran into someone.
"You wouldn't happen to see a emotional boy about 18 years old running through here," I asked him.
"Just so happen he ran in to me," the voice sounded familer. It was Ashley Purdy. My knees felt weak and they buckled under me.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to run into you," I pleaded.
"Wouldn't be the first time today," he laughed.
"Sorry about my brother he's been going through a ruff patch these last few days," I begged.
"Its ok," he said. "You already seem to know me so whats your name," he asked.
"My names Haze," I answered sheepishly.
"Is that your real name or just a nickname," he questioned.
"My real name," I answered.
"I like it, lets go find your brother," he said.

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