Boilers & Teaspoons (A Percy Weasley Love Story)

Boilers & Teaspoons (A Percy Weasley Love Story)

Hi everyone =) This is my first story, so I hope its not really, really bad! :)

About you! :D
Name: Louise Peterson (This is your name now. You can just change it to what you want, when you read :p)
Looks: Like you want! :)
Year: 5th (same year as Harry)
House: Gryffindor

Chapter 1

Meeting an old friend ..

Here I was. On Privet Drive, in Little Whining. I knocked 3 times, on the Dursley familys door waiting for a reply. After a little wait, a big fat man, opened the door.
'Are you Harry's friend?' he asked, sounding not very happy. 'Yes sir. Louise Peterson, nice to meet you' I said, streching[sp?] out my hand. He just looked at it, and went to the stairs. 'HARRY!!!! YOUR FRIEND IS HERE!!!' He yelled up the stairs. While I was waiting for Harry, I tought about going back to the Weasleys. Hermione, would be there - she's a good friend. Then there would be Ron, George and Fred.
But most important Percy would be there ... Ive had a little crush on him for years now, though I dont think he really notices me .. By that thought, I know heard Harry come down the stairs, bringing his suitcase [I suppose he already sent Hedwig]. 'Hi Louise' he said, giving me a hug. 'Hi Harry' I said hugging him back. He then turned to his uncle, saying: 'Bye. I'll see you next summer'. Vernon, just maked a weird sound, closing the door afterwards.
We started walking down the street. 'Wow .. well..' I started before Harry cut me off: 'Dont even start' he said with a smile. I laughed a little, leaving us in awkward silence. 'So, how will we get to The Burrow?' Harry asked. 'Well, you know my parents work at the Ministry' I started. 'They ran in to Arthur Weasley the other day. He said, he'd pick us op. He's waiting just over there' I said, pointing over at a small street, at the right. When we got over there, Arthur greeted Harry with a hug [He already apparted me here, and everything, so, yeah! xD] 'Hello Harry. Good to see you again. Its a interesting ting over there. I belive its called a "garage"? Are you two ready to go?' he asked, looking at us. We nodded, and me and Harry grabbed a arm each. whoosh. there we were ... back at the Weasley's.

sorry its a bit short, but how was it? :) comment? :D next chapter? :D

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