The pureblood pact A draco malfoy love story

Plz give avice to me and the other writers THX!!!

Chapter 1

Hogwarts express year 1

"Im Ivy"
"Im Lauren"
"And Im Kristen" The girls said sitting down across from three boys on the hogwarts express.
"Im Draco malfoy" The blonde boy said after that he said the other boys names but Ivy was busy thinking and worrying about what house she was going to be in.
Kristen snapped her out of it when she said they were all purebloods from America (which was true Ivy was just surprised she added in purebloods. But when she thought it was logical.) Ivy had been noone would like her because her father is a deatheater and never calls her. So she kept quiet about that part. Other than that the train ride was amazing until she had to go change into her uniform she thought scared something was going to be wrong with it. Nothing was. She was relieved to see she had gotten back before the boys. " I really like Draco" she whispered after making sure the boys werent near.
"Thats great!" Lauren said into her her shirt then hiding her blushing face.
"What are you blushing for?" Kristen sing songed in her teasing voice.
"I,ll tell you later" she replyed as Crabbe and Draco wallked in.
"Tell them what" Draco asked sitting down nosilly.
"Hah nothing you need to know" Ivy replyed snarkily leaning in close to him for the fulleffect of her comment then an awkward moment filled the room when he looked in her eyes.
"what I miss Goyle said when he got to the compartment he noticed the gave a
sort of evil smile toward Draco.
"not much" Lauren said noticing something Ivy and Crabbe hadn't. While Kristen sat quiet but she noticed too.
"so are you guys excited about Hogwarts: she said clearly changing the subject.
The compart ment went silent until the train stopped and so did time in Ivys mind until before she knew she was sitting in a chair with a hat coming slowly at her head. Than before it touched her head it yelled "SLYTHERIN" and Ivy heard cheers as she wallked towards the slytherin table. She was happy both her friends were with her and so was Malfoy.


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