One Fox And An Adventure

A Pokemon story I actually wrote on my iPod this morning ... I should post a new chapter up every now and then, I'm just hoping that people will actually read it ... So, thanks for clicking on this and have a nice day! :D

Chapter 1

Chapter One

The warm, bright, Summer's day couldn't possibly become any more amazing. The weather conditions in Hoenn were almost perfect everyday. The sounds of Pokemon playing happily in the Hot Spring wew soothing enough to cheer even the saddest of hearts.
Vulpix loved the beautiful days of heat, when the sunshine bore down upon every Pokemon in the Hot Spring. The fascinating light reflected off the water from a nearby stream and gave the air colourful contours.
Vulpix snuggled down into the warmer depths of the spring and continued to listen to the surrounding noises. Pidgey were squawking in the treetops, the Krabby were splashing in the stream, and Eevee and Ponyta were fighting.
Vulpix opened her eyes at the sound of the argument and wished thats the pair would stop throwing insults at each other for just one day. One day that Vulpix wouldn't have to defend her friend against the mad, flaming horse.
'You couldn't possibly ever run as fast as I can!' Ponyta taunted. 'You're much to stout and small!'
Vulpix pulled herself out of the sand and comfort of the spring and began to trot over to the pair of squabblers.
'I still stand by the fact that big things come in small packages, burn-head!' Eevee said menacingly. All was quiet for several seconds before Ponyta glared at the tiny, brown Pokemon for a few seconds, somewhat offended.
'Okay you two,' Vulpix said, finally reaching the battle-zone. 'I'm sure that there's no particular point in arguing about little things like size.'
Ponyta tossed his mane brilliantly in the sunlight.
'But you have to admit Vulpix,' he said, 'I am one amazing Pokemon.'
Vulpix summoned all the strength she could muster and blew a strong Flamethrower at Ponyta.
'Ouch!' He yelled. 'That's no fair! I can still be hurt by Fire-type moves you know.'
Vulpix nodded and pushed Eevee away, who was still trying to get at Ponyta (who was rearing like a show-off) if Vulpix wasn't holding her back.
'I don't understand why he's mean all the time!' Eevee told the six-tailed fox in an annoyed tone.
'Neither do I, but I guess all we can do is ignore it,' Vulpix replied wisely. 'Besides, it's not our fault if we are who we are.'
Eevee stopped walking alongside Vulpix and stared absentmindedly into a shrub ahead of her.
'Just take a look at me, buddy. I'm not even sure what I can evolve into yet! At least you're a beautiful Pokemon that will evolve into something that everyone will gaze, awestruck, at.' Eevee said with a hint of jealousy.
'Yeah, but I wish I wasn't!' Vulpix growled. Sighing, the fox continued to walk back to her den. She felt sleepy and needed a rest. Everything just seemed like a huge rush of panic right now, and she felt the urging need to comtemplate the facts.
'Look, Vulpix,' Eevee called after her, 'I know how it must feel and how it annoys you so, but you have to learn to pull through.'
Vulpix heaved another big sigh and turned to face her friend.
'Thanks a lot, Eevee. I just can't help wishing that the toughest, meanest guy in school hadn't shown an interest in me since freshman year.'

(Yes, an American reference, but I just had to put it in there!)

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