One Fox And An Adventure

A Pokemon story I actually wrote on my iPod this morning ... I should post a new chapter up every now and then, I'm just hoping that people will actually read it ... So, thanks for clicking on this and have a nice day! :D

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Another sunny day dawned in the land of Hoenn, and Vulpix half-awoke with a jabbing pain in her side. She rolled over, trying to make it go away somwhow, but it continued to cause her pain.
'Go away!' She whined like an irritated little Pichu. The jabbing stopped almost immediately.
'Sorry, mate. I was just trying to wake you up.'
Vulpix fully awoke with start, blinking through the penetrating brightness. She could make out a faint silhouette of Aron, another of her friends, standing besdie her.
'Aron!' Vulpix yawned loudly. 'What are you doing? I have plenty of time, (Vulpix glanced at the convinient sundial outside) maybe even an hour and a half, before my Theory of Evolution class starts. What's the go with waking me up so early?'
Aron stumbled backwards as Vulpix stood up to stretch in the confined den.
'I'm sorry mate, I just wanted to show you something, while everybody was still asleep.'
Vulpix yawned again. 'Fine. Show me whatever you wanted to, but make it snappy!'
Aron led Vulpix out of the den and into the fern-strewn clearing where classmates joined together during breaks between classes. The area was completely deserted at the present moment.
'Keep following me, and for goodness sake, Pixy, keep your head down!'
Vulpix had glanced over a clump of ferns, which about five metres away held other students' sleeping quarters. Vulpix ducked and continued to creep along, carefully treading where Aron had just previous seconds before.
10, maybe 15 minutes passed before the pair reached Aron's suggested location. Vulpix had never been in this part of the forest before, not even in her Item Exploring and Excursion class.
'May I simply ask where we are?' Vulpix asked simply. 'How exactly did you stumble upon this certain area?'
Aron didn't reply immediately after her questions, but instead walked over to a bush and pulled out several colourful, diamond-shaped, crystallized stones.
Vulpix gazed at the stones, and felt a strange connection between them and herself.
'It was such a nice day yesterday on Sunday, so I decided to take a stroll to somewhere I hadn't been before.' He paused to take a deep breath and briefly glanced at Vulpix, who was watching his eyes intently.
'I don't know what they are, or how they got here, but if the teachers know about them, then I bet they're hiding something from us. That's probably why they have never taken us to this area before. So we wouldn't stumble upon these stones accidentally.'
Vulpix took in every word Aron had just said, then inhaled sharply.
'What if these have something to do with evolution?' Vulpix wondered, amazed. 'I mean, my Theory of Evolution teacher, Mr. Nidoking has been talking to us about the different ways a Pokemon can or can't evolve. The higher caliber classes, I mean.'
Aron and Vulpix both stared at the stones, undoubtedly struck dumb by the logic of it all.
'Well, let's leave them here for now, mate, and we'll come back tomorrow to study them a little more.'
'I wouldn't want to accidentally evolve if I touched a stone, as it's illegal for Pokemon who haven't yet graduated. Even though that's not likely, I'll still be wary.' Vulpix told Aron.
They walked away from the area, back to get ready for school. Upon reaching the fern-clearing, they had to depart seperate ways.
'I have Introduction to Herbal Medicines/Remedies,' Aron said. 'It's so boring! Kill me now, Pixy!'
Vulpix laughed and trotted away to her den to comb her ruffled tails.

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