Falling in love at the jersey shore ? ;D

Kay so your name is lucianna de luca and your italian and your 21 and your not really planning on falling in love at the jersey shore but you just might ;D this is starting at the first season and i might have a couple seasons skipped and inbetween seasons because i have a surprise when you go to italy :D enjoy!!! PLEASE COMMENT !!!

Chapter 1

when i look into your eyes its over <3

I pulled up at the jersey shore house after a couple hours of driving. I was exhausted but totally excited. Because two other cars were already in the driveway. I parked my black camaro and reapplied my chap stick. I stepped out the car and pulled my demin short shorts down since they were giving my cookah a wedgie. The wind blew and i was thankful i was wearing that off the shoulder sweater. Lets face it, i was looking pretty sexy today. I got my bags out of the backseat and trunk and started up the steps to the house. I opened the door and was fumbling inside since i had like four full suitcases. "hellooo?" i said outloud. "need help there girl?" a voice said. I looked up to a tall kinda tan guy with a crooked smile."please,this is killing me!" i laughed "im lucianna btw but you can call me luci if its too italian for you" "awwuh nah baby, im digging your name;)" the guy said in a playerish voice "im mike the situation because i am the ultimate situation" i gave him a smile and nod but inside i was thinking 'wow, this kid is so full of himself-_-. "so whos the other car thats here?" i asked."thats sammi, shes upstairs unpacking right now, wanna meet her?" "sure i answered. We got up to the room and i was in the room with three beds but i was first in the room. After i put my stuff in my room i went to be polite and introduce myself."hi" i said standing in the doorway, when she turned around i noticed how pretty sammi was."oh hey! You must be my new roommate, im sam" "nice to meet you,im lucianna or luci,idc what you call me.i just wanted to say hi, i'll let you unpack" i went back to my room and finished unpacking. I went downstairs to check put the rest if the house. I was in the kitchen when i heard the door open again. I went to meet another rommate. When i turned the corner i saw a really pretty tall girl with big boobs and hair extensions. She was like the perfect amount of trashy and down to earth. I knew we were gonna be good friends."hi im lucianna or luci." i said and stuck my hand out. The girl grabbed it and shook while saying "im jenni or jwoww." "um, theres two more roommates here they're upstairs. My room is the three beds, you'll see all my shizz in there if you wanna room with me.""oh your such a doll, thanks for the offer!" with that she went upstairs. I got a glass of water and sat waiting for the next four roommates to show up. I heard the door open again and a big buff tan guy walked in.he saw me first "hey, im ronnie, whats your name?" "im lucianna or luci, whichever you perfer" he was kinda cute and i liked his voice."cute name, bedrooms upstairs?" he asked."yeah, and one that way" i pointed down the hall."thanks" he said and went upstairs. Jwoww and i shared the three bed room upstairs and we were waiting on another roommate to come to fill our room and sam took the two bed room upstairs and mike took the other three bed room that was downstairs. Three more roommates were still to come and i was excited. So far everyone in the house were cool people and i liked them. I didnt have any crushes...yet;). After about an hour while i was outside i hear a loud scream. "PARTYS HEAHHH!" i went back in and find the cutest little meatball standing in the living room. Her pouf was huge and she was so tiny! "hey! Im nickole! Call me snooki!" i laughed and said "im luci, you should def room with me and jenni, we're upstairs in the three bed room" "ahh, i love you already!" she yelled. I was starting to get hungry so i told the others i was going get a protein shake from smoothie king because i didnt eat fast. Food and we didnt have anything to cook. As i was walking out the door, i met the sweetest little muffin named vinny. He was so cute and untan like the rest of us. I got in my car and drove around until i got to a smoothie king. I ordered an angel food smoothie with three scoops of protein to hold me over until dinner since it was noon. When i get back to the house i see another car in the drive way. As i walk in everyone is downstairs except the new roommate. "wherez the new one?" i asked the others."down the hall, he just got here. we sat around and talked and got to know each other more. Jenni and snooki were immediatly my bestfriends but sam was kinda standoffish.she had her eyes all on ron so i gave myself a mental note not to mess with him. I didnt want drama this year. Mike was a major player and vinny was a little baby brother. I was intrested in when i was gonna meet this new roommate of mine. As i started thinking about him, i hear "this is hah?" his new jersey accent was so effing adorable ! As i turned around i saw this tan beautiful guy with a cutie smile and a blow out. I couldnt stop sinking in every detail of him. "im pauly."he said and instead of all the other hand shakes i got he hugged me. I felt his hard muscular back and his perfect peck through his shirt in the quick three second hug and i had to remind myself that i had to tell him my name. "im lucianna, or you could call me luci" he stared straight into my eyes and smiled 'lucianna' he mouthed and nodded his head and then that sexy devious smile came across his face again. I'll have no problems staying away from ronnie because i'll be too busy with making pauly mine. Im the kinda girl who gets who she wants no matter what but with pauly i felt a sort of ease. Like most boys were my prey, i felt like i was his. We chilled at the house and snooks did a lot of drinking the first night, she was macking all over all the boys but none of them cared, they were actually trying to push her off. After snook passed out and vinny put her in our room we decided to take a walk on the boardwalk. Sam and mike were holding hands and the rest of us were joking around and having a fun time. We found a boardwalk bar and decided to sit and have a couple drinks. As we sat down on the barstools, pauly sat next to me."i didnt really get to talk to you." he said."well now you do" i said back. I ordered my oj and vodka and he ordered straight patron on the rocks. We sat there for three hours just talking about his dj job and my waitressing job. We talked about relationships and life and family and i was reallly liking pauly. After some of us were on the verge of being drunk, we went back to the house. I took a shower and got into some pj shorts and a victorias secret vneck. I tried to get the alcohol out of my system by going down to the kitchen and drinking waters. It was like 2 in the morning and everyone was in their rooms. Vimmy came down amd grabbed a water."man, we're gonna have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, we need food in this house."i laughed and nodded."so whats up with you and pauly?" i was shocked,"umm, nothing?" he laughed "sure didnt look like nothing" he said in a sly voice. "well it was, we were just getting to know each other" "fine fine but ima laugh when you two are smushing tomorrow night." "vinny !! We wont be smushing !" "whatever you say luci. Goodnight" he laugued walking away. I went into my bed and snuggled under my new covers and drifted off to sleep. ~dream~ i was laying down in a bed with white sheets. The room wasnt familiar to me but i turned over to my other side and i felt a hand slide onto my hip and rub it soothingly. I looked at my stomach and realized how fat i was. And there was a tan hand resting on my stomach. I noticed a wedding ring on that hand too. I was extremely tired but i couldnt remember why. My eyes closed again And i just laid there for a bit. "wake up" said the person next to me. I grunted feeling like it was my mom wakimg me up for school and turned onto my back. The covers pulled off of me and i pulled them back but in the process i hit my stomach and it felt so hard. I opened my eyes. I had a huge pregnant belly and i rubbed my hands over it and noticed somethig sparkly on my hand. I had a legit rock on my wedding finger. When did i get married and pregnant !? I turned over to see pauly smiling at me. "wake up" he said again "yeah" "aww yeah" he kept sayif it over and over but in a faint whisper "aww yeah wake up yeah" then i looked back at my belly and diamond ring, closed my eyes and when i opened them again i found my self sitting up in bed with no ring a very flat belly and in my room. "AWW YEAH WAKE UP YEAH !!" i heard pauly screamimg from down the hall. I plopped back down and put my hands over my face. "you alright babe ?" i opened my eyes to a gorgeously shirtless pauly leaning against my doorway. I couldnt help but stare at his abs."uhm, yeah, im fine." "anytime" he said with a smile. He walked down the hall a bit and started yelling again. I laughed and hopped out of bed. The shower in my room and down the hall were both being used so i walked halfway downstairs and searched for one of the boys "hey vin," i said when i saw him in the kitchen. "yeah lu ?" "is your bathroom free ? I need to shower before i go get my work schedule from danny." "yeah, go in and use it anytime, idc and im sure mike and pauly wont either." "thanks" i ran back upstairs and got my shampoo and other stuff i needed and went into the bathroom. As i was showering, i thought about my crazy dream. I couldnt trll vin because he'd probably make fun of me. I definately couldnt tell pauly and scar him off. I decided to keep it to myself. As i was thinking about being married to pauly and how weird the dream was there was a knock. "yeeah ?" "luci, can i brush my teeth ?" asked pauly "uhh, sure" i said. He came in and it was a tiny bit awkward but hes probably seen hundreds of naked girls so i wasnt gonna be anything special if he saw me. Ten minutes later, i was done showering i turned off the water and saw pauly was still in the bathroom fixing his hair. "pauly, could you get my a towel ?" i asked. "here" he said handing it to me. I wrapped it around me and of course he picked the short towel where my cookah was almost hanging out of it. I got all my bathroom stuff out and went back in my room. I closed the door and dropped the towel. I got a cute grey and white leapoard print bra and matchig thong to wear and a pair of high waisted denim shorts with a kinda dressy light pink racerback shirt."ouu, cutie for work arent you ?" asked mike. "you must be referring to sam" i said, i didnt have time for his player ways. "nah, she got ronnie now, its all good, she was a bit of a landmine anyways." i laughed a bit and went to the kitchen and started writing out a grocery list. "guyss, i need someome to go to the store with" i moaned. "i'll go" said my favorite voice. I turned around and smiled "you will?" "of course" he smiled back. "smusshingggggg" sang vinny from the living room. "shut the ufck up vincent !" "just sayinggg, gosh !" i asked everyone what was their favorite foods and snacks and drinks so i could get it at the store and after pauly and i jumped ito my car and went to find a walmart. It was about a thirty minute ride of laughing because i got lost four times in the same place. Finally we found the store and went inside. We were acting like total kids. He was pushing the basket way too fast and i was grabbing anything and everything and throwing it into the basket. After our fun we checked out and were on our way home. I loved the way pauly could have fun and do stupid things with me. I loved humor in a guy. But, i just wish i knew what he liked about me, if he even liked me at all. I didnt want to get all sad and worried that he didnt like me so i just paid attention to te road. The car ride back was very quiet and when we got home we really didnt talk much. i fell under this quiet spell and didnt really talk much until lunch. we wanted to have lunch as a family. Our very fulirst lunch together at the shore and mike cooked for all of us. We sat at the bug table and ate. We talked about work and how we wanted to go party tonight. I was totally up for it. I needed a little pep and excitement right about now. "ayee, everybody feel lile going get our work schedules ?" everyone nodded yes and we took off to the boardwalk. We met Pur new boss and landlord danny and he was a reallly cool guy. I had monday and wednesday shifts with vinny, jenni and mike. But today was friday so no one had work. We started back for the house when i started thinking. Maybe pauly might make me feel like im the prey but im gomma be the hunter no matter what. I grabbed him by the arm and game him a cute little smile "walk with me" he smiled back and told the others that we'd catch up before they went to karma tonight. I walked with my arm looped in his and my head resting on his shoulder. "i just needed air. I didnt wanna go back" i told him "i uderstand" i looked at his arm and noticed tattooed lines around his elbow. I stopped and twisted his arm so i could see it better. "i didnt know you had this. " "one of many" he smiled. We walked on the boardwalk for a long time. I liked the way his shirt smelled against my face and as the sun started to dip down behind the horizion, i got cooler. I shivered and pauly put his arm around me and pulled me close. "its too cold to be the summer" i said. He laughed " thats new jersey for you" we got back home and everyone was starig because of how close we were when we came inside. "what time we goig to karma ?" i asked "about 11 ?" mike answered. My Phone said 9:30 so that meant i had only an hour amd a half to get ready. I went upstairs and showered in hot water to get the chills from outside out of me. I changed into a black one shoulder mini dress with bright red pumps and made my hair a wavy/curly mess by teasing and scrunching it. By the time i was domt, i was looking fxuxcking sexy. I came downstairs and mike vimny and pauly were staring. "too much ?" i asked "no !" said mike and vinny "you look gorgeous" said pauly, his eyes were searching my whole body. I smiled, hes allll miine :) we got a cab and went to karma. Snooks hit up the drinks rigut away and dammit i didnt have work tomorrow so i was right there with her! Jenni and i were dancing and grinding on each other until the boys starting coming over amd i kept switching between vinny and mike. I looked around for jenni and i saw her heading to the bathroom. Then i noticed pauly at the bar getting shots for everyone, i guess we all had the 'lets get fxuxcked' idea tonight. Pauly told us he had bought shots so we went over and did about four rounds each. After my fourth round my head was starting to spin and i was feeling super chill. I went back to dancing but now with pauly. I was tired amd thirsty after dancing so i went to sit and pauly followed. I took another drink and knew if i finished this one, which i was about to, that id be officially drunk. "having fun ?" i asked him "not really" he said. I was confused "why not ?" "i havent kissed you yet" he said looking straight in my eyes. I gage him the poker face. He couldnt tell if i was shocked or happy but i was both. I looked away, downed the rest of my drink to gain confidence and turned back to him. "i think we can change that" i said flirtariously. I grabbed his face and pulled it to mine. Surprisingly, it wasnt the regular nasty slobbery yucky drunk kiss. It was the absolutely sober perfectly passionate kiss. As soon as my mouth met his i was all tingly inside. I couldnt control myself and i just kept kissing him. When his tounge traced the curve of my bottom lip i pulled away. "im sorry" he said quickly. "oh, no its not you, if i start i cant stop and im not smushing tonight." he smiled "i wasnt even gonna try to smush, i wanna get to know you" i smiled, no ine had ever said something that feltl so real before."i wanna get to know you too" i smiled. "we leaving bro" mike interrupted and told pauly. We both got up off the couch/booth thingy and started to leave. We made sure the whole crew was with us and got in the cab. Everyone was drunk and tired so we didnt really talk much on the way home. I kicked offf my heels and rested my head on the window thinking about what just happened. I smiled to myself and when we got back to the house i showered quickly because i was so tired. I changed into victorias secret sweatpants and a hoodie to match. I crawled into bed but the sheets were so cold that i couldnt get comfortable. After about an hour of tossing an turning, while the whole house was asleep, I went downstairs to fix a glass of orange juice and saw pauly in the kitchen too. "cant sleep ?" i asked him "not without you with me" he said. I smiled and played with my hair. I got my oj and sat on the counter. Pauly leaned on the counter across from me amd we just looked at eachother until i looked down at my glass. He stood up straight and walked over to me. He took the glass and set it aside and pushed my hair back. It all seemed lime slow motion from a movie. He took my fave and pulled ot to his and it was those sweet perfect kisses you always dream about. Where his mouth was perfectly parted amd so was mine and everything was just perfect. After i broke away from the kiss amd leaned my forehead against his i closed my eyes. This was perfect. So perfect it felt like i was dreaming it but i wasnt and that was the best part. All of a sudden he picked me up like i was weightless and threw me over his shoulder. "where am i going ?" i whispered so i wouldnt wake the others."i cant sleep without you next to me." i smiled and he carried me to his room and silently closed the door. He threw me down on his bed and i giggled but clovered my mouth with my hand. He climbed under the covers while i took off my sweat pants (not because i wanted to smush, i just couldnt sleep in pants, i get too hot at night) i cuddled up next to him and laid my head on his bare chest. I liked him so much. He played with my hair while i listened to his heart beat. I fell asleep slowly and egerything was so perfect in that momment.

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