Falling in love at the jersey shore ? ;D

Kay so your name is lucianna de luca and your italian and your 21 and your not really planning on falling in love at the jersey shore but you just might ;D this is starting at the first season and i might have a couple seasons skipped and inbetween seasons because i have a surprise when you go to italy :D enjoy!!! PLEASE COMMENT !!!

Chapter 2

Your far from the usual <3

I opened my eyes slowly and remembered i was in paulys room. I smiled remembering last night. I turned onto my back and stared at the ceiling. That dream was just like this, i thought. "morning" pauly barely whispered in a cute just-waking-up voice. I looked over and smiled at him and whispered "good morning" back. I turned onto my side and his hair was surprisingly left down after his shower last night. He was too tired to give it a blow out amd i though this messy hair was cute. It was so soft so i let my fingers play with the hair on the back of his head. He put his hand on my back and pulled me to him. I giggled lightly. Our faces were about an inch or two apart and we were sharing a pillow. The sun had just started to rise so there wasnt much light in the room. Vinny and mike were still very much asleep in their beds. My eyelids started to get heavy once again and pauly was still looking sleepy even though he wakes up at the crack of dawn every day ! I kissed him lightly and as i was pulling away he caught my chin and pulled my mouth back to his. The kiss was more intense and more purposeful. He was a great* kisser, his lips were so soft and moved perfectly against mine. I grabbed his shirt and scrunched it in my fist, pulling him ontop of me but never once breaking the kiss. We both needed a breather so he moved from my lips to my neck, trying to find my sweet spot. He had to do some searching and when he did, i let out a sigh/moan that was kinda loud. I closed my eyes and scrunched my face. When i opened my eyes, he was looking at me with a smile that said "your so cute when you mess up" i gave him another quick kiss and he got off of me. He pulled me in his arms again and i fell back asleep.
I was walking on the beach aloe. I couldnt see anyone for miles. "luci" i felt someone say against my neck. I turned around and there was pauly wearing a white vneck and white swimming trunks. I looked down at myself and i was wearing a white strapless sundress. I smiled up at him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I intertwined my fingers and something scratched my hand. I untwined my fingers and looked at a wedding ring i was wearing. I grabbed paulys hands. They were resting on a very small bump on my stomach. A wedding ring was also on his hand. "this is our baby" i said he smiled "averley grace delvecchio" he said. I looked in his eyes and buried my face in his chest. I wanted this for us, i knew it could happen, i knew he could settle down. He smelled like his regular cologne and when i opened my eyes, i was hugging his pillow. Light was filling the room and pauly wasnt next to me. I turned over and vinny and mike were gone too. I sat up and yawned. These crazy dreams were really starting to make me think they were signs for something, but then again, maybe i was overreacting. I still decided not to tell anyone. One leg at a time i slowly got out of the bed and put my sweatpants back on. I walked out the room slowly, kind of creeping around to see where everyone was. Nonone in the living room, no one in the kitchen so i walked upstairs into my room. I got clothes and took a shower. After about 15 minutes, i got out and still no one was home. I put on a comfy white strapless romper and straightened my hair. I went downstairs again and still no one was home ! I walked into the kitchen and saw that it was 11:30 in the morning. I was so confused where everyone was. I was walking around the kitchen picking up when i found a note. "luci, the boys went gtl and the girls went to the beach, we'll be back around 12. -pauly" finally i had some answers. I wasnt full on hungry but i wanted something sweet. I looked around for a phone book and when i found on i knew exactly what i wanted. I found the address of this gelato shop my great grandmaw used to come to when she had summers at the shore and one i wrote the address on my hand i got in my car and left. It was only like a ten minute drive to the gelato shop and when i got there i could tell it was really old. I ordered caramel and vamilla gelato and ate it there because no one was gonna be home anyways so i figured i should stay out. After i finished up my gelato, i went back to the boardwalk. It was so different during the day. I walked to the pier part of the boardwalk and overlooked the ocean. The waves were perfect and the sky was so blue so little clouds. I was thinking about going back when something poked me on both sides of my stomach and tickled the hell out of me. I jumped and turned around to see pauly laughing his a s s off. "not funny ! Im really ticklish !" i yelled at him, slapping him playfully on the arm. " i didnt know you were like deathly ticklish ! Ima have to try that on you one night" he winked. I raise my eyebrows and smiled "oh really now ?" "only if you want me to" he said, afraid to cross any boundaries "i never said i didnt want you to" i said biting my finger. "ouu" he answered, wrapping his arms aroung my waist and kissing me. "lets go back" he said grabning my hand and leading the way. Mike had dropped him off and idk how he knew where i was but i didnt mind being with him. We got in my car and we went home. I parked and looked at him, "did they hear me this morning ?" i asked. "vinny did, but i dont think mike did" he said laughing. "dont laugh at me because it was technically your fault !" i yelled jokingly. "then keep yelling baby because ima be making a bunch of those mistakes, your moans are so cute." and with that he left me sitting in the car smiling. When he noticed i didnt get out he stopped on the stairs and waited for me. I met him and he grabbed my hand and imterwined our fingers. As we walked into the door....

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