Phoenix Feather vs. Unicorn Hair---A Harry Potter Love Triangle Love Story. Part One!

Hey you!!!! This is my second Harry Potter Love Story! It's a different one, the other one is Charmed---A Hogwarts Love Story!!!
They are both good stories, but I figured since I like a lot of the hp characters, I can't have all the boys dating her in one story, so this is my second one! Read on!

THE TITLE- It's quite odd.....but think- Who has a phoenix feather core wand, and who has a unicorn hair core? Hmm? You see, i've got you wondering........

Chapter 1

Meeting You: Aria Adalynn Thomas!

Your Name: Aria Adalynn(aada-pronounced like the a in ad)-Lynn) Thomas.

Relatives: Twin sister of Dean Thomas, sister to older sister Annalise Thomas, also in Hogwarts in 7th year when you enter first. Daughter of Sarah and Matthew(made names up for the parents!) Thomas.

Physical Description: Pictures will be in next chapter, so the story will start in Chapter 3. the pics are pretty much what you look like, I think you are VERY PRETTY. Except, for the younger years, like 1 and 2 and 3, you look like a younger version of her, but still similar looks. All of year 4, 5, 6, and 7, thats What you look like, pretty much.
Differences from the pics, though-Your hair is the same exact beautiful color, but curlier and longer.

Attitude: Funny, has a temper, is like Ginny- strong-willed, won't take no for a silly answer, stands her ground, athletic. She is a tomboy, but at the same time she knows how to be a girl, even if it annoys her sometimes. She can get annoyed, goofy, a talker, but overall, She is FUN to be with. She studies, so she is okay with Hermione. She is sly, and convincing, but never for evil or bad things. She is smart, and funny. She likes to read. The sortin hat will have a problem sorting her.......................:).....;)..........

Other interesting things: Because in my last story, My character is an Animagus
, Aria will be a METOMORPHAGUS(sp?) She is the only one is her family. She is a dancer, her mother signed her up for ballet. She is in love with it, but also plays quidditch. Even thouh she is strong, and doesn't go cry alot or let people make fun of her without her saying something back, since she plays quidditch, and is tomboyish, she doesn't want people to know she is a magnificent ballet dancer, she sneaks out 5 nights a week on the field. She turns the music on, her mother bought her a mini radio to play classical music to dance to. 1. Because that's how many times she practices 2. because she needs to get herself ahead just in case she is busy later and doesn't have time to balance, and 3. Because she loves the dance. Something I forgot was that she is loyal to her friends, and trustworthy. She is a worthy decker-keeper to anyone.

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