Phoenix Feather vs. Unicorn Hair---A Harry Potter Love Triangle Love Story. Part One!

Hey you!!!! This is my second Harry Potter Love Story! It's a different one, the other one is Charmed---A Hogwarts Love Story!!!
They are both good stories, but I figured since I like a lot of the hp characters, I can't have all the boys dating her in one story, so this is my second one! Read on!

THE TITLE- It's quite odd.....but think- Who has a phoenix feather core wand, and who has a unicorn hair core? Hmm? You see, i've got you wondering........

Chapter 2

Images of Aria Adalynn Thomas COPY AND PASTE THE LINKS!!! Now. Please! Or else you will never know what she looks like! Do it! Please! Do it now!!

This is what you look like in my story! If u have a problem with it-too bad. U may excuse yourself!

Pics 1-4---Aria Adalynn Thomas. That's what she looks like, except with longer and curlier hair.
Pics 5-6---Dean Thomas---Aria's twin.

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