A Story...For Girls (Pretty Much) Please Read! :D

So as you could probably tell, I haven't figured out a good title for this story. I decided to put my book on Quibblo, thinking it would help me write more of it, since typing is easier than actually writing. I haven't got much done so far, so I would appreciate some comments and suggestions to make it better. Also, if you see any typos please let me know. Thanks! :) Oh, and this is probably going to be more of a girl's story so if you're a dude, be warned. Hehe.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1...?

Today was June first--the day everything in my extremely bland life began to change. Some of it was for the better. Other events--not so much. Either way, I hate change. It screws up everything, doesn't it? Especially when there is a boy involved. A wow-you're-so-cute-but-I-wish-you-weren't-so-it-would-be-easier-to-hate-you kind of boy. Yeah, for a whille it's easy to tell yourself that all boys are stupid and leave it at that. But once you hit sixteen and an aforementioned typre of boy and his family move in across the street from you on one especially hot summer afternoon, everything is different.
I was sitting in my average-sized, cluttered bedroom gazing out of my dusty, green curtain-framed window when a huge Penske moving truck pulled into the drive of the vacant house across the street. Curious, I pushed my slightly open curtains out even further to get a better view. A black Tahoe pulled up behind the Penske. A dark-haired woman emerged from the passenger side first, then the tall, glasses-wearing driver followed. The door on the left opened next, revealing a cute, eleven-year-old-looking little girl sporting a light blue bow in her long, dark hair and holding a book; she was definitely not my kind of girl. Last, but certainly--absolutely--without a doubt--not least, the right side door opened.
Out stepped the most adorable teenage boy the world will ever know. His scruffy blond hair glissened in the bright summer sun; his dark, tanned muscled were shown off with his sleeveless gray T-shirt; and I couldn't see his eye color, but I knew they would be an intense blue. Like an iced over ocean. Or maybe a soft hazel, that would gaze into my own vivid green eyes and slowly melt my heart. Or maybe--
I quickly halted my racing thoughts. When did I ever begin behaving like such a complete girl? It wasn't like I had never seen a guy before. I thought back to all of the guys in my grade at school. Only a few were cute, even less potentially hot. But this guy, my new neighbor...there was something there, something special. I could feel it.
Making sure my curls of red hair were pushed out of my face, I leaned forward to study my new neighbors (thought mostly just the hot guy). I watched Guy of Hotness for a full twenty seconds before realizing he was staring right at my house. Not wanted to seem like Crazy Stalker Girl, I hastily whipped my curtains together, concealing my face. Unfortunately, I whipped with too much force: the rod on which mu curtains hung fell down on my face, taking my hiding place with them. After I struggled to untangle myself from the demon curtains, I forced my embarrassed self to look outside at Guy of Hotness once more. He was laughing. At me! I just knew it. Feeling my face get hot, I jumped off of my bed and ran to the safety of the bathroom across the hall, dragging the curtains along. I stared into the mirror. A red-haired, freckly-faced, green-eyed, very embarrassed teenage girl stared back. My thoughts wanted to stray back across the street, but I forced my brain to stop. I hadn't even met him yet and he'd already caused trouble. I sighed, hoping he didn't think I was a complete idiot, and then cursed myself for thinking of him. I washed my face, then walked back to my room to reattach my curtains, managing (or struggling) to do so without making a single glance out the window.
This was going to be a long summer.


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