It's Not Too Late, It's Never Too Late.........(A Harry Potter Love Story)

It's Not Too Late, It's Never Too Late.........(A Harry Potter Love Story)

I Got This Idea A While Ago....Hope You Like!

Just A Heads Up:
It's Going To Be Way Different From Books And Movies

Chapter 1

Knights Wizard School

Name: Ray Rose Riddle
Age: 16
Year: 6th
House: Dragon(Will explain)
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: White Black and Blue
Wand: 10 Inches, Phoenix Tear core, Cherry Wood
Patronus: White Tiger
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Dad: Tom Riddle a.k.a Voldemort
Mom: Unknown
Bio/Personality: She is the daughter of the Dark Lord but she's not aware what her dad does. She doesn't know her father is the most fearfull dark wizards wizard of all time. She is brave, smart, pretty, loyal, friendly, and a hard worker. Her dad sent her to and American school called Knights Wizards School, not wanting her to be part of this war. She's been raised mostly by the Headmastress Violet. She is the head of the Dragon house. Is a sweetheart, unless you get her mad. You seriously don't want to be her enemy and everybody knows that. She only sees her dad about three times a year.

Harry's POV

Dear Mr.Potter,
Due to the latest accidents Hogwarts has been close. Not to worry, all Hogwarts students will be attending and American Wizarding School, were you'll be completing the rest of your studies. Now your still going to need all required supplies. Here is some information you'll need to know
Your New House:
/Classes will be teach by your old proffesors, but also new ones. Meaning there'll be two proffesors per class. /
Hope to see you soon,
Proffersor McGonagall

I looked up from the letter to see Hermione and Ron reading theirs. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were their, and so was Ginny Fred and George.
"No Hogwarts this year,"said Ginny when she finished reading hers.
"Blody hell we are going to America,"said Ron.
"They were the only nice ones that accepted us with all this complex time, we should be greatful they even let us come,"said Hermione. Mrs.Weasley agreed with her. I also did. They were the only shool in the world brave enough to let us, the ones Voldemort is after, come and continue with our studies.
"Just think about this as an Adventure kids,"said Mr.Weasley smiling.
"Mr.Weasley is right. And it is the safest place for us right now, Voldemort has no buisiness in America, right?,"I asked them with a slight smile. They all nodded, but boy was I wrong..........................

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