Infected nightmare

Here is a story about a young man who has to live through a world filled with infected monsters of many species and many more predators out there.In this world,humans are at the bottom of the food chain.

Chapter 1

Chapter one:Birth of the shadows

"what do you mean I can't go?" I said staring at my mothers annoyed face expression "I said no you cant go to that freaking magic school to learn some tricks" she said giving me that angered face."Its not to learn tricks mom ,its where I learn to control elements such as water,fire,and-" "I forbid you from going and thats final,hell if you even try to go out you might become an infecteds next meal.I than started thinking about it,what did she mean about infecteds next meal?By the time i went to go ask,she started walking back into the kitchen to finish making dinner.I stay laying down on my bed staring at the ceiling."whats life like outside the house?what did she mean about infecteds next meal?so many questions left unanswered."By the time I get the questions out of my head,mom calls me down for dinner.As i walk into the kitchen,I dont see her sitting down on the table eating,the only things on the table is a plate of food containing meat and rice as usual.I look around the house but i dont see anyone,so i look in the backyard and all i see is the grassy field with my pet shitzu running around as usual.When i walk to the front yard I noticed that her car is missing.I now see that she left me alone again stranded in the middle of this abandoned city.I walk back into the kitchen to eat my food which is already cold.To my surprise l hear my dog barking which she never does.I walk outside and i see her barking at the roof,so i turn to check what was bothering her."BOO!" the voice crackled like thunder in my ears making me fall onto the ground


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