Dark magic+dark creature=light couple (Remus Lupin love story)

i have been kinda obbessed with the marauders lately so i decided i would make a love story.
name: Nicole Scarlett
age: just turned 11,same year as the marauders in skool
appearance: dark purple eyes and long smooth straight black hair at the beginning of the story
there is more to her, but that will be revealed in the story as it goes along

Chapter 1

The Medusa Curse

Its my birthday, whoop-dee-doo. Just so you know, sarcasm intended. My birthday is just another day in the year that i have to spend at this orphange. I turned eleven today, but no one cares. I ignored and bullied for being different. I can do things others cant do, things that no one can explain, for leviating objects and putting things accidently on fire. I am punished for being different. I have a room by myself because no one else wants to share with the freak, the weirdo. The lady in charge of this orphange has sent many doctors in to see me, to determine what wrong with me, but they have all failed, they havent found anything. I walked out of my room to go downstairs and grab some breakfast. As i walked down, people barged past me pushing me into the wall, all of them laughing. I sighed, this was going to be another long day. I sat down alone at one of the tables, knowing no one else will want to sit with me. I began to eat the food i had grabbed when a shadow stood over me. I sighed and put down my sandwhich. "Yes?" i asked innocently to the few boys standing over me. "You're sitting in our seats," he said rudely. "Then grab another table," i said pointing to the 2 empty tables near the other side of the room, "or sit with me because im not moving," i said and i went to grab my sandwhich again. They all began laughing, a cruel evil laugh. I sighed and looked up at them again. "What?" i asked rather rudely. They didnt answer and one boy grabbed my tray and dumped my food on top of me. They laughed harder and i began to lose my temper. "/oh ha ha very funny/," i said sarcasticly. "Now go get another table and leave me the hel alone," i said standing up now, so that i was now nose to nose with them. "oooohh," they said teasingly. "And what are you going to do about it?" the main leader of them asked. I stayed silent. "Thats what i thought," he said. He knocked my books off the table and onto the ground. "You should pick those up," he said. He took a sip from the soda he was holding and all of sudden, his soda can caught on fire. He dropped it and it landed on all my books, causing my books to light on fire. He laughed at me. I took a swing at him but missed causing another "oooohh," to sound from all of the kids getting breakfast. The boy smiled evilly and threw a punch at me that connected with my jaw. I landed on the ground. He laughed cruelly. He aimed to kick at me, kick at me when im down, but i rolled out of the way. I stood up and ignored the pain in my probably broken jaw. He narrowed his eyes at me and then came at me again, but this time i was prepared. As his fist raised into the air, i grabbed his neck and pushed him up against a wall. "Im SICK of taking YOUR CRAP every single FRIKIN DAY!" I yelled at him as he tried to remove my hand from his neck to breath. I could feel my hair beginning to tingle but i ignored it, just focused on hurting this boy that has tortured me since i came here, which has been as long as i can remember. The boy all of a sudden stop struggling, stopped moving altogether, but his hands stayed in the same position as before. I dropped my hand to my side and he crashed to the ground, not moving at all. He looked dead, but he muscles looked too tense to be dead. I felt his skin and it was cold, he must be dead. I could hear a faint hissing sound in my ear. I turned around and stared directly at the boy's friends, they both stopped moving and fell to the ground, the same way the boy did. I could feel everyone's eyes on me, but i just looked at the ground as i turned around and went to my room. "OhMyGosh OhMyGosh, what did i do?" i talked to myself after i closed the door. I could still hear the faint hissing sound in my ear and it was starting to annoy me. "What is that noise?" i asked myself once again. "/That sound is me/," a voice said to me. "/and me/" another voice said. A couple more voices said "/me/" and i looked around the room to find nobody around. "/where are you?/" i asked confused. "/look in the mirror/" one of the voices said. I hesitated but then walekd over to my mirror. I looked at it and gasped, my hair was now instead of black, full of snakes. My eyes were now a bright red. Before i could register this new look, "you have a visitor," the lady in charge of the orphange said from outside my door. Before i could hide over cover my hair, well snakes, the door opened and in came an old looking man. He had white hair and a long white beard. He had half moon spectacles on and robes that looked like they belonged in a wizard movie. "Umm, uhh," i said trying to think of a reason that i looked like this. He held up his hand to silence me and i stayed quiet, curious to why he was here. He handed me a letter i opened it silently.
Dear Miss. Nicole Riddle, we are glad to inform you that you have been admitted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
"I think you have the wrong person, my name is Nicole Scarlett, and im not magical or anything," i said handing him the letter back. He shook his head. "You're real name is Nicole Riddle," he answered. I looked at him suspciously. "Well even if my name is Nicole... Riddle, im not magical or anything so i cant study witchcraft or wizardy," i said trying to hand him back the letter again. He pushed the letter back to me. "Tell me Nicole, have you ever done something, something you couldnt explain," he asked. I thought back to all the times i had done something that earned me the nickname "freak". He nodded, seeming to know that the answer was yes. "And who are you anyway?" i asked rather annoyed that he knew more about me than i knew about him. "I am Albus Dumbledore, Im a professor," the man named Dumbledore said. I laughed. He raised an eyebrow. "Ya right. You are probably just another doctor here to see whats wrong with me," i scoffed. "No, im like you," he said. "Prove it," i challenged. He snapped his fingers and my desk was entirely on fire. "Why is it always fire?" i muttered under my breath. The fire ended and my desk looked entirely fine, not burnt at all. "Impressive," i said examining my desk. "At Hogwarts, not only will you learn magic, but you will learn how to control it," he said. "Then can you explain to me why my hair is now made of snakes?" i asked irriatated that he didnt explain this before. He nodded, knowing that this would come up eventually. "You may want to sit down, this is a long story," he said gesturing to the seat in front of his. I sat down and waited intently for the answer. "When your parents, Samatha Scarlett and Tom Riddle, found out they were pregnant with you, they were both excited. But Samatha had many differences from Tom, sharing many different views. Tom believed that muggles, non magical people, should be under the control of wizards. Samatha believed muggles should have just as many rights as wizards. When you were at the age of 1, Tom began to get followers, he was going to try and become the next dark lord, to be in charge of wizard and muggle kind. This lead to fighting between Samatha and Tom and in the end of the fight, he killed her. Then he put a curse on you and brought you to an orphange," he said. "My father k-killed my mother?" i asked unable to process this. He nodded sadly. "Yes, and he put a curse on you," he answered. "So this curse gave me snake hair?" i asked confused. "This curse is a little more complexed than that. This specific curse is called the Medusa Curse," he said. My eyes got wide and i whimpered slightly. "You have heard of Medusa i presume?" he asked me. I nodded not trusting my voice to speak. "This curse is made to turn you into a 'medusa' on your eleventh birthday," he clarified. I nodded my head. It was all starting to make sense, my hair of snakes and paralzying who i looked at. "Then how come you didnt get 'turned to stone' when i look at you or when i look at myself in the mirror?" i asked. "The curse cannot be used against you, you cannot turn yourself to stone. I have a special charm on my glasses that can repeal your curse," he said, "and for you." He pulled a pair of rectungular glasses out of his pockets. I grabbed the glasses and put them on, nothing looked any different with them on. "These glasses will enable you to look at people with paralzying them," he siad. "What about my hair, scratch that, snakes?" i asked. He conjured a wig with what i suspected was his wand and gave it to me. I went to the mirror and put the wig on. The snakes were no longer visible but my head looked slightly larger than it should be. I snapped my fingers with an idea and thought of a hat i had. Before i could go over to my dresser and grab it, it flew towards me, i had summoned it. "Oops," i said to Dumbledore. He looked slightly amused. I put the hat on over the wig and it looked perfect. "There," i said impressed with how good i looked for a sorta medusa like person. "Now is there a way to reverse this curse? Or is it permanet?" i asked hoping the answer wouldnt be permanet. "No, it is not permanet," he said and released the breath i had been holding. "Then how can i reverse it?" i asked hopeful it would be something simple. "The reversal is the one thing that Voldemort, your father, had never truly believed in, love. Once you fall in love and the same person feels the same way about you will the curse be lifted," he explained. Okay, so its not that easy. "Okay then. Anyways," i said grabbing my Hogwarts letter again and reading through it, "where do i get these supplies?" i asked. "The Hogwarts gameskeeper will come here tomorrow to help you get your supplies," he answered. I nodded and looked in the mirror again. I had a long straight black hair wig on with a purple hat on. The glasses would take some getting used to and my eyes were still a bright red. "So this is all real? This isnt some cruel joke?" i asked accusingly. He shook his head no. "Then whats hogwarts like?" i asked still suspcious that this was some kind of joke. He told me of this huge castle called Hogwarts that is a school for learning magic. He told me all about magic and about my father which seemed like a very mean guy to me at the moment. "Ok so i believe this is real now," i said. "Good, now i must be going. Our gameskeeper Hagrid will be with you tomorrow," he said as he got up to leave. A thought hit me. "What about all the other kids staying here at this orphange? I pretty much exposed my curse to them," i said worriedly i would have to go the wizard prison which i think was called... Azkaban? "Dont worry, their memories have been... modified," he said. I nodded. "Okay, thank you Professor, and see you at school," i said waving. "Goodbye Nicole," he said as he left the room and left the orphange. I layed down on my bed trying to process all that i had learned. My mother had been killed and I had been cursed by my father. My father was called by Voldemort and was trying to be a dark lord. I was going to learn magic at a school named Hogwarts. I had mixed emotions. I was happy to be a witch, angry to have such an evil father, and most of all sad to have a curse on me. How could anyone fall in love with me? My hair is made of snakes, i can turn people to stone, what part of that is loveable? "/It is not loveable, you will be this way forever/" a voice said. It was one of the snakes talking to me again. "/I choose not to believe that/" i hissed back. The snake made an odd hissing noise, as if it was laughing at me. "/are you laughing at me/" i asked. "/yes/" the snake hissed back to me. I sighed. "/Look, this isnt some stupid story where you get a happily ever after at the end of it, so you might as well get used to having us on your head, because there will be no way anyone will be able to love you with this curse/" the snake hissed. "/well i can always try/" i said confidently. The snake laughed a bit more but then dropped the conversation. I can get someone to love me. I will get someone to love me. "/you will not succeed/" one of the other snakes said. "/you know what? Shut up/" i said ticked off now. Instead of having a voice in the back of my head like regular people, i had snakes talking to me beneath my wig. Life is going to be interesting these next years.

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