yep, back on the myspace survey bandwagon.
(since that's originally where these were posted, back in the day.)

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
1) Who was your last phone call?
-I called my friend Ashley

2) Who last called you?

3) Which do you prefer text or call?
-Text.unless I have a lot to say, or am giving directions or something.

4) What did your last text say (sent and received)?
-Received: (from my friend Nix): "A samsung touch screen. Not used to the touch screen part though"
-Sent: "that's awesome"

5) What type of phone have you got?
- A cricket TXTM8 3G

6) How many phones have you had already?
-I've had 2, including my current one.

7) What service is your phone on?

8) What make is your laptop or computer?

9) What colour is your laptop or computer?

10) Do you have an iPhone?

11) Do you have an iPod/MP3 Player?
-8gb iPod Nano (4th generation)

12) How many televisions do you have in your house?
- 4

13) Do you have one in your bedroom?
-yeah, I only use it for dvds, my ps2 and vhs tapes though (yes, i still have a vcr)

14) Do you have an xbox?
-yeah, an xbox 360.

15) A PSP?
- nope.
16) A PS2 or 3?

1) Has a friend ever cried on your shoulder?
-yep. literally

2) Have you ever cried on a friends shoulder?
-Yeah. also literally.

3) Have you ever fallen for a friend?

4) Are you there for your friends?

5) Do you look up to them or do they look up to you?
-I respect them and we all support each other. i wouldn't say we look up to one another though.
6) Has anyone died in your family?
-Yea, everyone has relatives that have passed on.

7) Siblings?
- I have a younger sister. she's 16.

8) Have you got half brothers? sisters?

9) Have you got step mom or dad?

1) Have you ever been on a plane?
-yep. plenty of times.

2) Have you ever been in a train?
3) Have you ever been on a subway?
-Not unless you count the shuttle system in DIA

4) Have you ever been on a ship?

5) Have you ever been on a boat?

6) Where was the last time you went in a car?
- like 2 hours ago.

7) Do you have a car?

About You
1) First name?

2) Age?

3) School?
-Red Rocks Community College

4) Year or grade?
-starting my second year of college this fall

5) Home town?
- I was born in Rapid City, South Dakota.
but I grew up here, in Colorado.

6) Country?

7) Do you have a home number?

8) Favourite song?
-(of the moment, my fave song always changes.) -Walking Dead Man by Black Tide

9) Favourite band/singer?
-Black Tide. have been for like 2 years now. i'm a fan for life.

10) Genre of music?
-Rock, metal, industrial, horror-punk, and a few various others.

11) Favourite brand of clothing?
- For clothes: Razor Barbie, Cyberdog, Too Fast, Lucky 13, Lip Service, and quite a few others.
-for shoes: New Rock, Demonia, and Pleaser.

12) Have you ever smoked?
- yep

13) Have you ever done drugs?

14) Have you ever done something illegal?

15) Have you ever seen someone be arrested or been yourself?
-seen kids arrested from school. never been arrested myself.

16) Can you speak a different langauge? If so which one(s)?
- I'm learning German. beyond that. just english.

17) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
-no, but I have a friend I sleep with.

18) How many people have you been out with?
- grand total: 4.

19) Have you ever rigged something?

20) Done self harm?
-yes. a long time ago.

21) Hung up on someone or someone hung up on you?

22) Fell from something high?
- fell off a ladder at work yesterday. but it was only from the second stair.

23) Been in a fight where you or the other person broke something?
-never been in a fist fight.

24) Do you live near a park?

25) Do you like Twilight?
-I don't care for it.

26) Do you like Harry Potter?
-yes, but I'm not obsessed.

27) Have you ever lied to your parents?
-hasn't everyone when they were a teen?

28) Lied to your friends?
-only with friends I'm not super close with.
Never lied to my besties.

29) Have you got any pets?
30) If so what?
-two dogs, a border collie and an english setter, my cat and my new kitten.
(which doesn't live with me yet. he's still being weaned, my friend's cat is the mom.)

31) What other websites do you go to besides this?
-Facebook, Youtube, DeviantART, Flickr, mine and my friend's horror blog: Dreadful Dreary, and a few others.

32) Have you ever been bullied?
-not really.

33) Done bullying?

34) Been cyber bullied?
-no, unless you count fights over myspace from way back in the day.

35) Done cyber bullying?
-if you count the fights mentioned above.

36) Stolen anything from a shop?
- a few times. haven't stolen anything in the past 3 years though.

37) From school?

38) What is your fave TV show?
-.just about any tattoo show (especially Tattoo Highway, Miami Ink and NY Ink. not to stoked on LA Ink though.) and Metalocalypse.

39) Have you been out the country&where?
-not yet, but next summer... :)

40) Are you religious?
-My beliefs align more with pagan beliefs.

41) What do you like the sound of?
-rain, musical instruments, talented singing voices, his voice, and the sound of a busy workshop.

42) Smell of?
- baked goods and certain types of lumber. (I am a woodworking girl after all.)

43) Touch of?
-him. blankets fresh out of the drier, and the feel of a guitar.

43) Have you ever got lost?

44) Been drunk?

45) Been depressed?
-I fell into a depression for almost all of my junior year in highschool.

46) What time did you wake up?
-10:30am. (today was a day off work.)

47) Went to bed?
- 4:30 am.

48) What are you currently reading?
-Motley Crue: The Dirt, Diaries of a Sex Fiend, Guitar and amplifier handbooks and repair guides, various stories posted online, and I'm waiting for the next books in the Fallen Series and the House of Night Series.
(Yes, I read a lot, and what I read varies all across the board between fiction, non fiction, biographies, memoirs, and textbooks,)

49) What are you currently writing?
- at the current moment: this. lol. but really: I'm trying to finish up a couple of songs i've been working on lately.

50) What are you currently watching?
-music videos.

51) What are you listening to?
- So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold.

52) What were you doing before this?
- replying to a comment reply on youtube.

53) What are you going to do after this?
-winding down for bed. I have work early in the morning.


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