A Big Thank-You to All my Friends :D (therE will be one chapter for each of my MOST awesome friends/the ones I can remember)

Oh man, my friends are awesome!!! I have some of the awesomest friends on Quibblo!!!

Chapter 1


Yeah, I know your user name is actually xXAliAfflictionXx, but I like "LittleBabyTeeRexMonster" Better :D

First of all, I friended you because of that awesome name.

Second of all, thanks for your big help with all things randomness. Many a boring day has passed when I wished you were online to chat with. Lolz O.o

Also, luv the profile pic.s . all of them :)

I also luv your description. "I live under my bed, in the dark".
Who wouldn't friend awesomeness like that?!

U R interesting. I luv chatting with u.

:D sum other things I can't describe with words!!!

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