Draco Malfoy Love Story

House: Slytherin
Age: 14
Year: 4th
Appearence: Whatever u look like duuuur XD

Uve known draco ur whole life but never really payed much attention to him but that would change when he comes out with his feelings. Told in 1st person!

Chapter 1

Quidditch World Cup

"Come on _! They are waiting for us!" My father shouted up the stairs.
"I'm coming!" I shouted putting on my boots with buckles the whole way up. I was wearing black skinny jeans and a purple shirt with a black jacket. I tucked my wand into my boot and grabbed the bag that I was taking to the Quidditch World Cup. Dad called for me again and I ran down the stairs.
Our house was basically in the middle of nowhere, so my parents and I had to walk to get to the portkey. I was the only child in my family and a pureblood. My parents are also both Death Eaters and I are very defensive over them.
The portkey we were using was a tea kettle. I didn't really understand the point. Seriously, anyone who saw a kettle laying around... Would they pick it up? I guess if they needed water or something. I shrugged it off and turned to my parents.
"Why do we have to go with them anyways?" I asked, looking around to see if they were coming yet.
"Because,_, our families are good friends and they offered us our tickets. Just be nice to their boy, alright?" My mother said.
"Fine," I said.
Finally they arrived. The Malfoys. Narcissa was in some sort of dress.We were going to a Quidditch match not a ball, but apparently sitting in the Minister's box is a "great honor". Lucious Malfoy was in his normal attire of some sort of black-robed concoction. Of course having his cane with him. Then Draco Malfoy. He was wearing all black (sorta like a suit. Whatever he's wearing in the 4th movie at the world cup) and his hair was combed neatly. He smiled at me and I returned it but only for a second. I walked over to the kettle and kneeled down. Everyone else did the same. Draco kneeled next to me. My dad counted to three and we all put our hands on the kettle.

---------------------------------------------------------AT THE WORLD CUP--------------------------------------------------------------

Our tent was huge. My family and the Malfoy's were all in the same tent. Draco's room was next to mine (sadly). I laid down on my bed and got out a book that I had been reading a while ago.
I jumped when someone was at my door (the doors in the tent were layers of curtains). Draco Malfoy was pulling back the curtains which made my door. Draco had been in all my classes ever since the first year. He seemed pretty obnoxious to me. He always seemed jealous of Harry Potter and made fun of the Gryffindors. I wouldn't even care if I was in Gryffindor. Why did it really matter?
"Do you need something?" I asked him.
"I just wanted to know if you wanted to go and get some water with me...?" he said.
"Sure," I said, standing and turning around to grab my jacket. When I turned around Draco was staring at me. "What?"
"Nothing, let's go," he said, turning and beginning to walk away. I watched the curtains of my door gently fall back into place.
I stared at my feet as Draco and I walked in awkward silence. I wish i would've stayed in my room with my book. Draco carried the bucket for the water the whole way to the water spicket closest to our tent.
I watched the water as it poured into the bucket. Draco looked up at me, which in turn made him lose focus and move the bucket a little. The bottom of his shirt and part of his pants were now wet. I laughed so hard. It looked like he peed himself! But he was wearing all black so it was hard to tell from a distance. Draco blushed and quickly looked away.
"Oh put a sock in it _ (last name)," he said. I stopped laughing and raised my eyebrows at him. I grabbed the bucket from him and continued filling it with water.
The walk back to the tent was just as awkward as the walk to the water spicket. I tried to hold my laughter in every time I glanced at Draco, because I noticed the water. I could see the embarrassment all over his face. By the time we got back, it was almost time to leave.
"_, would you be a dear and tell Draco it's time to go?" Narcissa asked me. I nodded and smiled but in my head I was thinking Do it yourself he is your son.
I walked over to Draco's room. I stared at the curtains, and I moved one out of the way.
"Malfoy, it's time to go," I said. I waited a couple of seconds. Had he heard me? I moved another curtain out of the way. "Draco, come on!"
I pushed all the remaining curtains to the side and looked into Draco's room. Standing by his bed, Draco was changing into a different shirt. I gazed at his bare chest. Draco had abs?! Since when, the boy is a stick! And he looked so muscular...but he was pasty white boy (haha).
"U-um...it's time to go," I said awkwardly, looking away from him.
"Alright. I'll be out in a second," he said. Didn't he hear me the first couple times I called? There was no trace of embarrassment on his face this time. I dropped the curtains and walked back to the main part of the tent.
"He'll be out," I said.
When Draco came out we all began the walk to the stadium.

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