Hogwarts, A History? I Wish! ( A Draco Malfoy Love Story )

So this is my second Draco Malfoy love story. Please enjoy!
Name: Roseline Phillips
Year: 1
Blood Status: Half blood
Appearence: Auburn hair, clear skin, average height, emerald green eyes
House : Yet to be decided

Chapter 1

A New Beginning

"Mom! It's finally here!" Roseline Phillips ran down the stairs of her two-story house with her letter in her hand, her auburn hair flowing gracefully behind her. Her mother, Jose Phillips, was making breakfast when Rose can running into the room.
"Mom! Did you hear me?! I said the letter is finally here!! I've been excepted to Hogwarts!"
Jose put down the fork that she was turning bacon with and ran over to her daughter.
" Sweet heart, that's great news! Let me see the letter."
Rose handed over teh letter to her mother, who studied the parchment carefuly. Her mother nodded.
" Well, we'll need to go to Diagon alley this afternoon if we want to get your supplies in time. Oh, and go tell your father. Even though he is a muggle, i'm very sure that he will want to hear about this."
Without answering, Rose skipped off to find her father in his study. She ran into her sister on the way. At 7 years old Holly Phillips had already inherited her mother's auburn hair and fair skin. She was in her pink bath robe with her red plaid pajama pants on underneth. Her hair was ruffled and she looked like she had just gotten out of bed.
"What is all the noise about Rose? I was trying to sleep!" Holly whined. Rose grabbed her sister by her shoulders and shook her.
" I finally got my letter from Hogwarts!!!!" Rose shouted happily.
Holly shreiked and both sisters started jumping up and down. It was then that John Phillips came stomping out of his office to find his two little girls jumping up and down in the hallway.
"What is all the yelling out here from? You two girls know that my job is very demanding and i have to focus!" he said, starting to get frustrated.
"But Daddy, look! My letter from Hogwarts came! You know, the school for witches and wizards!"
John's face lit up and all of his work issues were forgotten. He knelt down to face his elder daughter and said, " That's great news, but umm, where are you going to get all of your supplies, because i really don't think we can buy all of your, umm, wizard things at Walmart." Both sisters giggled at this.
" Mom said that she is taking me to get the supplies today," Rose said, still giggling because of her father's comment.
" Rose, i am so proud of you. Why don"t you go downstairs and see your mother and ask her what you will need."
Rose nodded quickly and ran back into the kitchen.
Her mom had finished making breakfast and was now pilling plates of food onto the table. Blueberry pancakes were stacked on a plate, along with warm, maple bacon that sat on another plate. Rose walked over and tried to sneek a peice of bacon.
" Rose put that down! If the rest of the family can wait, so can you!"
Rose laughed and put the peice of bacon down. "Mom, when are me going to go to Digon Alley?"
"Diagon Alley," her mother corrected her, "And we wil be going right after you eat. I presume that your father and sister will be staying here. Now come sit down."
Rose sat down and thought of the fun that awaited her at her new school, and more importantly, which house she would be sorted into.

*Diagon Alley**
" Ok, all i need now is, a wand and an owl." Rose said. She had already gotten all of her books and quills, but the thing she was most looking forward to was getting her wand. She new that they would go to Ollivanders. That was where her mother had gotten hers. She entered the store and her mother said, " Well you get your wand and i will meet you back here later. I have some of my own shopping i want to do." Before she could answer her mother left the store and an older looking man came in.
" Ah, you must be Rose. Yes, i have been waiting a long time to meet you."
He walked over to a large shelf that ran all the way down to the end of the room and pulled out a box. "Here, try this," he said, holding it out for her to take it. Rose took it and pointed it as a stack of papers. She moved her hand nervously and the papers flew everywhere around the room. Eyes wide, she turned back to him and handed the wand back to him. "No, that is not the right one," he said, placing it back on the shelf. He muttered something, though Rose was not able to hear it. He handed her a light brown wand with black flowers inked into the wood, intwining with each other like vines. It was a very beautiful wand. He handed it to her and it started to glow. A warm breeze blew through the store, and at that moment, Rose felt that everything around her was in sync. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it was gone.
" That is the wand for you Miss Phillips," Ollivander said. Rose started to pull out money from her coat pocket when Ollivander stopped her by saying, " No, you do not have to pay for this. It has been a very long time since i have seen a reaction like that. The wand chooses the wizard, Miss Phillips. Remember that." Rose thanked him and left the store with her wand. Her mother met her outside. But Rose didn't care about that, she was focused on the thing that her mother held. In her hand she held a cage with a small black owl with silver spots on it's back. Rose gasped.
" Just a little gift for you Rose," her mother said. Rose ran over and thanked her mother repeatedly. Her mother just smiled and let her child down the street.

** Hogwarts Express **

"Hi, my name is Rose. Do you mind if i sit here? Every where else is full." As Rose sat in the compartment, three other students beside her, she worried about what house she would be put in. Her mother had explained to her that there were four houses ; Hufflepuff, for the people that don't fit in and are the kindest, Ravenclaw, for the smartest and wisest, Gryffindor, for the bravest and most daring, and Slytherin, for the slyest, meanest stuck up people who think that they are better then everyone else. She could handle Ravenclaw, even Hufflepuff, but she wanted nothing to do with Slytherin. She had learned the names of her new friends in the compartment: Harry Potter (Her mother had also told her the story of Harry Potter), Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. They were very nice and made her feel very welcome. Then a blonde haired boy walked past and stopped to look at her.
"Hello, my name is Draco Malfoy. Pure- Blood. And you are?" He said.
Rose answered, " Roseline Phillips, Half-blood, but unlike you i don`t really care that much.`` The other students tried to hide their giggles.
Draco Malfoy sneered. `` Snappy, you might just be put in Slytherin, like me. ``
Rose gulped. She did NOT want to be in Slytherin, or in any house with that boy. He smirked at her reaction and continued on. ``The nerve of that boy,`` muttered to herself. She and the others talked for the rest of the ride, and soon, they arrived at Hogwarts, and her jouney began.

** Sorting **
She was shaking. She was scared out her mind. Harry, Hermione and Ron had already been sorted into Gryffindor, and that was where she wanted to be most, with her friends. But what if the sorting hat had other ideas? ``Roseline Phillips.`` When her name was called she slowly walked up to the stool. The sorting hat was placed on her head and she knew that it was thinking. ``Hmm, oh yes, you have the knowlage of a Ravenclaw and the caring of a Hufflepuff, but the stealth of a Slytherin and the heart of a Gryffindor, but where to put you. Better be........GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!`` The Gryffindor table was drowned with applause, while Rose happily skipped over to join her friends, who were clapping and looked like they were loosing it. Draco was sorted into Slytherin, though it wasn't to suprising for Rose. ' Figures' she thought to herself. The feast began and Rose filled her plate, almost bursting with joy. But she was to focused on the food to see Draco's shining grey eyes watching her from thh Slytherin table across the room.

6 Years Later

``Malfoy, will you move over!!!`` As 17 year old Rose Phillips pushed Draco Malfoy off the train she, took in the amazing scenery of Hogwarts. Draco brushed himself off. `` Still very demanding Phillips,`` he growled.
``And you still and idiotic git, so now we're even.'' She ran to catch up with her best friends Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly. ``Was Malfoy ticking you off again Rose?`` Harry asked. She just nodded. ``Gosh, the nerve of that boy!!!`` Hermione exlaimed. They all nodded in their agrement. After the welcome feast, Rose ran into her sister. ``Rose!! Good, you're here. I was wondering if you wanted to come to a party. All of the Slytherins are having a party before the big quittage (AN Sorry, i really don't know how to spell that) game tomorrow.`` Rose sighed.
``Holly, you know we have classes tomorrow so no, i cannot go, and you chouldnt be going either! Your only in your fourth year!!``
``But sis, i really want you to be there!`` Holly whined.
``Well it's not my fault i am in Gryffindor and you're in Slytherin!!`` Rose exlaimed. Holly looked upset but scurried off to join her other friends.
Rose went up to her common room to get all of her things ready. When she was about to go to sleep, Hermione came rushing in. ``Hermione, what is it?`` she asked.
`` It's Holly! Apperently she was at some Slytherin party and she got really drunk. Now some one said they saw her snogging Marcus Flint!!``
Rose sighed. She put on jeans and a jacket and went off to find her drunken sister.

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