The Beatles: 30 Day Challenge

The Beatles: 30 Day Challenge

I found a couple versions of this on Tumblr, so I complied it together to make the Quibblo version of it. Hope you enjoy my answers, and feel free to do your own verison if you are a fellow Beatlemaniac!! :D
Peace and Love!

Chapter 1

Day 1: Favorite Beatle and why

Obvious answer: John Winston Ono Lennon


1. I'm a lot like him. We're both stubborn, creative, unconventional, dark, funny, (I like to think I'm funny, anyway ;)) moody, narcissistic, intelligent, rebellious, deep, etc. Sure, there are differences, but I quite honestly am most like John if any of them.

2. His music. Both Beatles and solo, it speaks to me. If I could only listen to one songwriter for the rest of my life, it would be him, no questions asked.

3. He's inspiring. His childhood, music and life in general have inspired many stories and drawings I've done. He's kind of my muse. :)

I could go on forever on why I love John, but I'd like to keep this post relatively short. :) Hope you enjoyed my first post on "The Beatles: 30 Day Challenge!"

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