The Beatles: 30 Day Challenge

The Beatles: 30 Day Challenge

I found a couple versions of this on Tumblr, so I complied it together to make the Quibblo version of it. Hope you enjoy my answers, and feel free to do your own verison if you are a fellow Beatlemaniac!! :D
Peace and Love!

Chapter 17

Day 17: Fave Beatle child

Um... I choose instead to rebel and put each Beatle’s child I like the most.

John: I love Seanie, but I gotta go with Jules. I love his name, first of all, and think he’s crazy attractive, probably because of his dad. :) And I really like his music.

Paul: Stella, probably. She makes such beautiful clothes. I’ll be honest, I don’t know that much about Paul’s kids, most of them keep a low profile.

George: I only have one choice, but I’m beyond happy to say Dhani’s the best. :) He too, plays great music, and I swear, is George’s twin. I sometimes feel bad for Olivia, because he barely looks like her! But it’s nice to have another generation of Harrison beauty :)

Ringo: I like Lee. :) She’s pretty, stylish, and I love her name. She was in a commercial with Ringo and she was funny and a very good actress, like her daddy. Besides, she just delivered triplets. That’s amazing.

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