The Beatles: 30 Day Challenge

The Beatles: 30 Day Challenge

I found a couple versions of this on Tumblr, so I complied it together to make the Quibblo version of it. Hope you enjoy my answers, and feel free to do your own verison if you are a fellow Beatlemaniac!! :D
Peace and Love!

Chapter 3

Day 3: Fave Beatles Movie and why

Ugh :( Like most people, I'm stuck between Hard Days Night and Help. I think Help has more of a plot, but Hard Day's Night has so many hilarious quotes. Ugh :(

Ok, I'm gonna flip a coin. Heads is HDN and tails is H!

(plays Jepordy theme while I get and flip the coin)

I got Help!
And why? Because it's awesome, that's why :D

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