Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Yes... i made a Draco Malfoy love story T-T, but I assure you, its original.. at least the plot is XD. Draco malfoy, Howarts, and other Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, Tara Power belongs to Tara Powers.... Swiffer and Josh belond to Josh..... and Tiffy Helms, Roxxi Scorless, Jett Darkz, and Drogo 'Ghost' White belong to me!
I will also be rating the chapters so that if one doesn't wish to go past a certain rating, they know not to read that chapter! Enjoy~Reaper

Chapter 1

The Start of it All[Chapter 1 rated PG]

by: parabol
The silhouette of a teenage girl stalked the halls of Hogwarts. It was far past 'bed time' for the students, but this girl did not care. She had blonde bangs that flowed as she walked, the back of her hair was a dirty-blonde, or brown. The girl was in a Hogwarts uniform, a Slytherin robe wrapped around her slim figure.

Crystal blue optics roamed, landing on the "Bloody Baron", Slytherin house's ghost. The long dead being floated outside the Common room door for Slytherin, where the teen girl was headed. As she reached the door, it asked for a password and in a low voice she muttered the pass and slipped in as it opened.

"Coming in a bit late, Roxxi" a voice sounded, cause the girl, Roxxi, to jump.
" God sakes! You scare me, Draco" Roxxi seemed to scold, facing the bleach blode haired boy. Draco Malfoy stood there, staring at her. "Perhaps you shouldn't be walking around the hallways this late!" He replied.

All Roxxi did was walk past him, but stopp when she was near the steps that circled up to the seperated dorms. She back-handed the back of his head "Don't be such a stalker" she laughed and scurried up the stairs. Draco watched his friend walk up the stairs to her room, walked over to the couch, and sat down.

A black-haired girl stopped Roxxi when she entered the room. "What were you doing out so late? Hopingh Draco would follow you?" she snickered. The girl was Tara Powers, who was oddly, Roxxi's best friend. She was only joking with her comment though, usually she was a bit more... friendly toward Roxxi.

"Hush up, Tara. I was snooping, making sure those weirdo Gryffindor boy get the message of how we don't want them near our clothes" she said, shaking in thought of the two boys that always snooped around in the girls underwear.

"Sure, you Love Draco! You Love Draco!" Tara squealed, jumping around her friend. She was a bit more giddy than usual, and Roxxi was starting to notice. "So do you! So, shut that hole in which words come out" Roxxi snapped, walking over to her own bed.

Tara stared at Roxxi, shaking her head and crossing her arms. She went to her bed, just next to Roxxi's and crawled under the covers. "1:00 AM.... geez" Roxxi muttered, looking at her golden watch. She then unlaced her knee-high sneakers, replaced her Hogwarts uniform with a long shirt that read "Slytherin Quiddich" and layed in her bed. She stroked an obsydian heart around a black cloth necklace. She also wore a ring that match it.

She pulled the covers over her, hoping to get a few hours of sleep before class tomorrow, especially since Pansy and her new recruit, Tiffy, would be giving her a lecture on why Pansy's "Dracy-poo" is not hers to even be friends with. Roxxi thoguht for a moment, quiet, then shut her eyes. After only a few moments she fell deep into sleep, almost dreamless.

[Authors Note: Sorry it was such a short chapter, i don't do so well when i'm not roleplaying. Well i guess i will work on the next chapter! Comment Rate the stars, and Favorite! Hope you enjoyed!]

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