Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Yes... i made a Draco Malfoy love story T-T, but I assure you, its original.. at least the plot is XD. Draco malfoy, Howarts, and other Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, Tara Power belongs to Tara Powers.... Swiffer and Josh belond to Josh..... and Tiffy Helms, Roxxi Scorless, Jett Darkz, and Drogo 'Ghost' White belong to me!
I will also be rating the chapters so that if one doesn't wish to go past a certain rating, they know not to read that chapter! Enjoy~Reaper

Chapter 2

Morning to Remember [rated PG]

by: parabol
The next morning Roxxi awoke to a face hovering over her. Tara's face, who else? Roxxi tossed her covers off her body, her shirt rolled up past her stomach, but quickly she pulled it down. "Are you trying to be a creepy stalker?" she asked her friend, but Tara only smiled.

Tara was already dressed in her Slytherin robes, ready for breakfast. "Come on! Hurry up!!!! You might miss Draco" Tara winked walking to the door. She motioned over and over for Roxxi to come with her AS Roxxi was getting dressed. As she pulled her robe on she darted toward the door, still putting her left arm through the arm-hole.

When the two friends reached the dinning hall, Roxxi looked around and quickly saw the bleach blonde head of Draco Malfoy. With Tara at her side, she walked over to him. "Hey there, I'm surprised your awake this early, considering the fact you were up til 1..." he smiled at her.

"And i never thought you could smile without having taunted Potter and his friends first" she joked, judging his arm as she sat next to him. Pansy got to the table just as Roxxi sat next to Draco, and a growl came from her mouth. "Sit down and shut up, Pug-face" Roxxi snapped turning to the ex-friend.

"Draky-poo! Are you just gonna sit there and let her call me a pug-face!?!" Pansy whined, questioning the boy who she desperatly wanted to date. Draco was to busy snort-laughing at Roxxi's comment to reply, all he did was use his hand to shew her away.

Roxxi sneered as the girl walked away and turned back to Draco. "Oh hey, Roxxi that reminds me..." Draco started, turning to her and for a moment he let silence cross over them. Roxxi nodded and motioned her hand for him to continue, chewing on her breakfast... pancakes. "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out sometime..." he said, turning around and resting his elbows on the table.

Roxxi spit out her food, and smacked her forehead after doing so. She picked up a napkin and turned to him "Your serious? As in... go out? On a DATE?" she questioned. Draco found her questions to give him doubt that she acually wanted to go out with him, but he still nodded.

"Then yes! Of course!" she smiled, speaking in a sort of.. forced british accent even though it was her true voice. She landed a sort kiss on his cheek, and stood up. Tara's mouth had dropped, staring quietly at Draco as Roxxi left.

Roxxi grabbed the heart necklace that bounced as she 'skipped' through the halls. She kissed it and smiled, usually the young girl wasn't ever this happy, at least when she wasn't around Draco. For her there was just something about Draco that she loved... perhaps its was his cunning and mysteriousness[sp...?]

[Authors Note: If you would like more, please tell me! Thanks!]

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