Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Yes... i made a Draco Malfoy love story T-T, but I assure you, its original.. at least the plot is XD. Draco malfoy, Howarts, and other Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, Tara Power belongs to Tara Powers.... Swiffer and Josh belond to Josh..... and Tiffy Helms, Roxxi Scorless, Jett Darkz, and Drogo 'Ghost' White belong to me!
I will also be rating the chapters so that if one doesn't wish to go past a certain rating, they know not to read that chapter! Enjoy~Reaper

Chapter 3

Snogging, Secrets, and Broken Hearts [Rated PG-13]

by: parabol
Roxxi's Dress:
Her Makeup,Hair, Earrings:

At around 7:45 PM the next night Roxxi was in her room, trying on seperate dresses. Her hair was stlyed to be curly and had a white puff clip holding back one side of her hair. She had already done her makeup, being only her eyeshadow and some masscara[sp?]. She wore diamond earrings, her birthstone since she had been born April 19th, and a 'dog-collar' necklace with her heart one still hanging losy at her breasts.

Roxxi landed on a simple black dress, with a black flower on the same side as its one strap. She replaced her bra with a stapless one and slid the dress over her slim figure. She smiled, looking toward the mirror she was in front of. She then gave her look a curt nod, knowing that she was finished getting ready for her date with Draco and stored her few other dresses away.

Roxxi stared down at her ring-finger, her necklace matching obyssidian ring seemed to sparkle. In her laced boots, she walked out the door to her room. Draco was waiting at the bottom of the steps, seeming to stare in awe at her. "Wow, Scorless, never thought you could clean up so well!" he smiled, adressing her by her last name and holding a hand out to her. "Same to you, Malfoy" she replied, grabbing the hand he held out, and they walked out of their common room.

"So where exactly are we going?" she asked him, curiosity clouding both her voice and eyes. "A few places.... First the Room of Requirement... then down to the off limits corridors, i found something relaly interesting down there." he replied, gripping her hand still, leading her down the halls.

The two reached a blank wall, but it wasn't blank for very long, as the door to the Room of Requirement began to appear. They slipped in, seeing a large room, slightly cluttered now. There was a cleared spot in the middle, a table with a dinner for two there. Candles floated six feet off the ground, giving the room and even more romantic feel to it.

Draco walked over, still holding Roxxi's hand, and when he let go he pulled out her chair. Roxxi sat down, and once Draco was seated she questioned him "I have never sen you like this... so... well sweet and kind" she told him. Draco shrugged "I guess it's because I want to please you" he replied.

Roxxi stared, a bit dumbfounded "Draco, you don't have to change to being all sweet and kind just to please me, in fact, I like it when your a bit rude, it makes you seem even more..." she trailed off, blushing and looking down at her food.

"Like an jerk?" he tried to finish for her but she shook her head "I was going to say Sexy and mysterious..." her voice seeming to scratch more than normal. "Sexy, eh?" he smirked his dangerous smirk and stared at her. "Well.... shall we eat then?" she changed the subject, causing Draco to laugh, but nod to her.

A turkey dinner lay in front of them, and water rested in crystal wine glasses. The two began eating and talking for a while. "So, why is it your little sister, Karaii, has the last name Jendinn while your last name is Scorless?" he questioned. Roxxi was silent, sipping her water. After a moment of silence crushing down on them she replied "Well when i was around the age of two, my mother was bringing me home from the kid's park. When she walked inside the house and put me down.... my father confronted her about something that to this day i don't know...." she trailed off.

Draco stared intently at her, hoping she wouldn't get upset about his question. Roxxi then continued "When an arguement sparked up.... My father used the killing curse on her, she dropped dead right there. He only ran upstairs, packed a few things, leaving me next to my mothers dead body. When he came back down stairs he ran out the door. My muggle neighbors,the Jendinn's, found me and decided to take me into their care." she finished.

Draco was a bit shocked at her story, "I'm sorry about your mother...." his words were sinscere but Roxxi became a bit annoyed at his next words. "So... that means your sister is a mudblood?" his voice sounded. "Draco! Is that really the thing you care about? My litle sisters blood-type, and yes! She is a muggle-born..." Roxxi growled, she hated the word mudblood. She pushed herself out of her seat and walked out of the cleared area. She was headed toward the Vanishing Cabinet that Draco had been messing around with, sending things to Borgin and Burkes.

She felt its designs, not looking back at Draco. He sighed and got up, walking over to her. He placed his hands gently on her waist and spoke "I'm sorry, i'm just like that" he told her. She turned around to him, her hands moving to his cheeks. "I know... but i still love you" her words catching Draco by surprise.

He smiled and leaned down as if to kiss her, but whispered "I love you too..." and his lips hit hers. Roxxi moved her hands, one grasping the back of his head, the other moving onto his shoulder. One of Draco's hands moved to her thigh and slightly up her dress, his tounge moving into her mouth. Roxxi didn't mind, in fact she enjoyed it. She pulled her lips away from his though "So... what was that cool thing you wanted to show me?" she asked.

He took his hand away from her body, and grasped her hand, "I will show you" he told her and led her out of the Room of Requirement and down into the forbiden corridors. Draco cupped his free hand over her eyes and led her to a seemingly empty room, with a large Mirror in the middle. When he removed his hand Roxxi stared in awe, "The Mirror of Erised!" she smiled and walked toward it. She expected to see herself with Draco, but instead a person seemed to stand by her in the mirror.

She gasped, seeing that it was what she remembered as her mother. Draco watched her quietly from the steps. Roxxi reached and settled her fingertips on the glass. The being vanished when she did so, her crystal eyes catching a glimpse of Draco walking to her, but when she turned, he was still standing at the steps.

She shot her head back to the mirror and say Draco wrapping his arm around her and begin kissing her. Her heart seemed to be conflicted over which she wanted most, to see her mother once again or to be with Draco. She felt love for both, even though she had barely known her mother they had seemed to form an everlasting bond. The day her mother died, Roxxi's mother had given her the heart necklace and ring.

She had enchanted the accesories to protect her daughter from any spell, all except the Cruciatus curse and the Killing curse. A single tear ran down Roxxi's cheek and she turned back to Draco, and walked back to him, almost making a mad dash for him. When she got up the stiars, she jumped and wrapped her arms around Draco, him feeling surprised by her actions. "What was that for?" he asked, pulling his head to meet hers.

"I just love you... and i don't want you to leave me" she sighed and rested her head on his chest. He smiled and placed one hand on the back of her head "I love you too, Roxxi, and trust me.... i won't ever leave you" he whispered to her.

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