Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Twisted Hearts[Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Yes... i made a Draco Malfoy love story T-T, but I assure you, its original.. at least the plot is XD. Draco malfoy, Howarts, and other Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, Tara Power belongs to Tara Powers.... Swiffer and Josh belond to Josh..... and Tiffy Helms, Roxxi Scorless, Jett Darkz, and Drogo 'Ghost' White belong to me!
I will also be rating the chapters so that if one doesn't wish to go past a certain rating, they know not to read that chapter! Enjoy~Reaper

Chapter 4

Jealous Lies

by: parabol
After an hour more of conversing and kissing, the two decided to end the date for the night. Draco took Roxxi's hand, walking back to the Slytherin common room. "That was honestly, one of the better nights of my life." Roxxi commented as soon as they were inside. No one was up and about, or at least, if they were, they weren't making it obvious.

Draco gave a nod, "Well, considering we have classes tomorrow, We should go to sleep..." He said, looking around the room.

"I guess..." Roxxi replied, her eyes sparkling as she reach up and kissed him. "Goodnight, then..." She smiled. With that she made her way up the stairs and into her room.

"So, What all did you guys do" A voice like venom spat as soon as Roxxi was up the stairs. Draco turned, his gaze catching Tara sitting upon a table. "It matters to you?" He replied, almost an identical venom in his tone. His grey eyes narrowed into a glare, waiting for her to answer.

"Well, yes. Seeing as how I'm Roxxi's best friend," Tara replied in a growl, though her usual voice carried just as much hate. "Therefore, I should be informed." She added, her mouth shifting up, forming an odd looking smile.

"We talked." Draco replied simply, her immediate look of annoyance made him smile. "Well, it's the truth." He finished, and didn't wait for a reply before walking up the steps.

"She doesn't deserve you." Tara hissed, getting off the table and heading to her and Roxxi's room, the few other girls that stayed with them already being asleep. "So, how was the 'date'" Tara smiled creeping up on her friend.Roxxi's gaze flashed back, "It was... wonderful." She replied simply with a small smile.

"Not what he said..." Tara smirked, sitting on her bed and crossing her legs. Her eyes glittered like a snake's. Roxxi glared back at her, "Mhm, and what did he say?" She growled, her doubt blatantly obvious. " .He said he was disgusted by how flirty you were." She replied, looking down at her hand as though she had just put on a fresh coat of finger nail polish, hoping it was dry.

"You seem jealous." Roxxi retorted, knowing, or at least, hoping Draco would not have said anything like that. "Not to mention desperate" she added in.

Tara glared toward her, wrinkling her nose. "Alright, but when your heart is broken tomorrow, don't come crying to me" She said simply, laying down and turning away with a smirk on her face.

[Sorry this Chapter was so short. I will definitely have longer ones to make up for it, along with the terribly long wait. Thanks for reading :D]

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