Pokemon Creepy stuff

None of these are true, their just made by my big imagination

Chapter 1

Don't be a Pokemon master.

In diamond i used an action replay and got tons of shiny legends. I beat the game easily and cheated all my pokemon up to level 100. But one day as i turned the game on with the AR on instead of the usual AR screen popping up i saw the pokemon league with a sign. as i walked up to the sign it said "Stop" then it disappeared and i saw dialga with his head cut off. i tried to turn my ds off but the sign popped up again and the pokemon league music played. as it got to the middle it became distorted and i suddenly was in battle with the dialga without a head. it used a move called stop. and all my pokemon became poisoned. i took out my shiny deoxys and made it use draco meteor. it said it had no effect. then dialga used a move called "you have been warned" then my deoxys fainted. but it didnt say deoxys fainted, it said deoxys died and i saw deoxys's head fall off. then the same happened to all my others. then my sprite popped up and its head was cut off. then it showed my room. as i went out of my room i saw a house full of graves. it showed the ghost of my pokemon. and i saw bits of parts of the map. then a sign came in front of me. i read it and it said
UDIED. i tried to turn off the ds but it didnt work and the creepy music came again. i threw my ds on the floor and it finally shut off.

Since then i havent used my ds

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