As a 17 year old girl, Samantha hasn't made the best choices in the world. Her constant theiving and drinking sent her over the top into a car crash and she ran away from the scene. With three men crushing on her and the cops on her tail, she's got a lot coming. When one boy sets off to murder her, will the other two step in? Or will they go along with the plan as well?
FIRST STORY.(: So please read it? Sorry for the errors that may be in there. :3 Okay, Thanks! :DD

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Jump... And land... And applause. It was like second-nature, skateboarding came easily to me. I picked up my board and walked back over to my so called "gang." We aren't a REAL gang, you know, one that goes around and causes all sorts of havoc? It's just what everyone seems to call us, a gang. I'm not very sure why, I've never asked, maybe because we're just a bit ... Intimidating? I've never seen any of us as the scary type. We're just a bunch of friends chasin' our dreams. The group (I don't like to use the word "gang," it's much too harsh for my liking) is made up of me and five of my best friends. Ever since the begining of our inseperable friendship I've always been the odd, or different on of them. Why you ask? Well, because I'm the only girl. Yes, a girl.
The dudes in the group are George, Tony, Josh, T.J., and Alec. Oh yeah, and my name's Sam, short for Samantha. I love them with all of my heart, they've been with me through everything. They're the most amazing people I've ever met in my whole entire life. We've been thorugh ups and downs together, through thick and through think we're always here for eachother.
George is pretty short, about 4,8". His dark brown hair is always spiked with some cheap brand of gel. His eyes match the same dark brown tone as his hair. George has always been the cautious one of our group. He's very careful, some say it's because of something that happened with his family, some say it's some bad childhood memories, and others say hes just like that.
Now Tony. Hes tall, and I mean TALL. I personally think that he was held back a year. I mean, he's super tall, he's always had the WORST grades I've EVER seen, and he's a bit more mature than us. But not by a lot, I mean, he's a boy, what can you expect? His mexican heritage is clearly shown by his dark skin and dark features. His short brown hair is always as nice and neat as you can get short hair to be.
Josh is Tony's best bud, they're always together no matter what. They're friendship together is depper than our groups'. He's average sized, as tall and as short as most people. Mexican, so he has dark skin obviously. Long dark hair that covers his dark brown eyes.
T.J., well there's a wierdo. He's just a jokester! He has long dirty blonde hair, but short enough so you can see his light brown eyes. He always has this purple hat on. Boys. T.J. can be a flirt sometimes, but I just ignore him.
Alec, oh Alec. Blonde, blue eyes, also known as my boyfriend. He's the so called "jock" of our group. All the girls drool over him. Literally. I've seen some actually drool, it's really disturbing actually.
And me? Long light brown hair, eyes a mixture of blue, green, and gray, changing depending on my mood, and tan skin? Yep, that's me. We're all about around the age of 17.
Laughing to myself I walked over to my group with a smirk planted on my face. I alway showed them up, and I loved it. I recieved "good jobs" and "nice ones" as I high-fived them, and wrapped Alec in a hug.
"Oooooo," cooed T.J., "We got some LOVE goin' on folks!"
"Don't be jealous" Alec teased.
"Too late!" T.J. put on his best puppy face, looking at his shoes sadly. I pulled away from Alec to get a look at him. I just laughed, "Does someone need a hug?" He held out his arms and he wrapped me in a big bear hug. After I had pulled away we just talked for a while.
"George?" A voice came from the other side of the ramp. My gang his me behing them, I couldn't be spotted. Where I lived, girls wouldn't allowed to skateboard, it was actually a law. Dumb right? So if I was spotted, there would be a lot of question asked, and we just didn't have any time for that. "What are YOU doing here?" Tony hissed threateningly through his teeth, hoping that whoever it was would be scared off.
"Comin' to shred this place! Duh! Why else would we come here?" said the same voice again. Hmm, so there was more than one person. I wonder who's decided to show up on OUR territory. Everyone knows this place is only occupied by us. Risking everything, I peeked over Alec's shoulder and ducked back down before they could see me. Uh-oh. It was kevin, David, and Evan, and I had a strong feeling that they weren't going to lave any time soon. I tapped on Alec's shoulder and whispered quietly, but loud enough that he would hear me. He didn't turn around so it wouldn't look obvious. "Hey, I don't think they're gonna leave any time soon, so maybe I should just talk to 'em? It'd be a lot better than just standing here hoping they'll leave soon."
"Sam, you sure?" he asked. I watched as a worried expression swept onto his face.
"Yeah. I hope so." He moved aside so that I could step in front and into view. Just as I had expected, the three boys stood before us with gaping mouths.
"Samantha?!" Kevin was obviously very confused, unsure of what to say. Then cracking a joke he spoke, "What are YOU doing here? Girl's aren't allowed to skate! You were probabbly just watching Alec, weren't you?" The trio then broke out laughing as we watched them in utter disgust.
"Very funny," I said sarcatsically, "Now listen, this is OUR territory, you wanna shred here? Well then that's too bad, only the "gang" rides here. So you'll have to leave now." I tried to sound as threatening as possible as i took a few steps towards them.
"Can we be part of the gang?" David blurt out.
"Of course! But you're going to have to know a few things."
"Woah, woah, woah, hold on here. What things?" Evan asked cautiously.
"I dunno, do you wanna be a part of this gang or not?" I asked impatiently.
"Yes! Sorry! I want to hear whatever you have to say Sam!" Evan apologized half-heartedly.
"Okay, listen up. I--," I started to walk forward but was stopped by Alec grabbing my shoulder. He whizzed me around so that I was facing him. "It's okay, Alec, they're my friends too, and they want to be part of our group. They should know," I reassured him trying to sound as convincing as possible but my voice cracked as the end of the sentence.
"Remember what happened with your OTHER friends?" Alec hissed, looking down at the ground, refusing to meet my eyes.
"I know. I know," I listed his chin, forcing him to look at me, "But these are GUYS, not some snotty idiot girls. You have to trust me on this." He let go on my shoulder and I turned back arounf to walk to the three boys. "Alright, as I was saying, I rule this place. So you're part of the gang and have been given permission to skate here. Second of all, the gang must all know this and must swear on their life to protect this secret." They all seemed to be nodding their heads in agreement to what Iv'e been saying, I caught a glimpse of something in Evan's eyes. I wasnt sure what it was, so I shrugged it off and continued on, "I'm a criminal." I smiled as I watched their faces turn from anxiety to horror. Oddly, Evan just smirked at me. "AND--"
"And if any of you turn her in, well, you can call yourself a dead man," Alec finished for me. They talked together for a while and turned back to us. "Okay, so we're not gonna turn you in, but, you'll have to date one of us or your precious little seret flies RIGHT out the window!" Kevin smiled.
"NO!" Alec began to protest, but I just smirked.
"Alec," I whispered in his ear, "It's fine, and besides, your house is on neighborhood check this week."
"...Well... Okay then," he said sadly, trying to think of any posibble way out of the deal. Neighborhood check is when some cops go into your house and search for criminals. There are a lot around here, and you never know if someone will be hiding one.
"Okay, but before I choose one of you, there are some rules you'll need to follow that you probably didn't know about. I'll need to live at one of your houses, unless your house is on neighborhood check that week."
"Are you the one that caused that?!" Kevin asked suprised.
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I was part of the reason," smiling to myself with satisfaction, "Now, you'll also need to buy me things, because I can't go out in public obviously." Their faces brightened as I began to choose.
"Okay, soooo... Kevin," his face beamed as I said his name, "Not you."
"WHAT?! WHY?!" he cried out sadly and angry.
"You had your time and you blew me off! That's your fault, hun," I laughed. "Ew, definetly not you, shrimp." David blushed and looked at the ground feeling ashamed, he hadn't said much since they arrived. "Oh crap," I shook my head and looked at the ground.
"WOOHOO!" I'm datin' a hot criminal!" Evan yelled and danced around like an idiot. I fell to the ground, my knees becomeing to weak to support me as I thought of the horrible thing I had just agreed to. "Sam..." Alec started,trying to find words that could comfort and reassure me, but he was at a loss for words. He touched my shoulder, so I got up and turned to him, looking to the ground, not daring to meet his pained gaze.
I watched as water started to hit the ground, going from a light sprinkle to a hard, pouring rain. Wow, it really does rain when bad things happen to people. He lifted my chin, I looked into his blue eyes. I knew my eyes were a pale blue. That's the color they changed to when I was sad. He hugged me tighter than he ever had before, his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He began to kiss me, but I barely noticed, I wasn't paying attention to him.
"HEY!" Evan yelled shoving Alec aside, "Lips off my girl, dude!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me away as it started to thunder.
As soon as we were out of sight from everyone I pulled my hand from his tight grasp. "You know I'm NEVER going to like you!" I yelled over the rain and thunder.
"Doesn't matter to me! As long as you say I'm dating you! I'm perfectly fine with that!" Evan smirked. I hated when he smirked.
"Ugh! You're horrible!"
"Aww! Love ya too!" He stopped before a two-story white house. I asked where his room was, and he pointed to a window on the side of his house. I smiled, it was on the 2nd story but there was a ladder by the fence. I snatched it up and brought it over the the wall. I started climbing as Evan went inside through the front door of his house. I opened up the window and hopped inside. I opened up the window easly (I was lucky it was unlocked) and hopped inside. Woah. He must like the color yellow? I looked around the room. There were yellow and black walls and a matching bed set. There were Steelers posters all over the room. Ooh, that was the reason. Even his lampshades were Steelers covered. I looked on his desk beside the bed and there sat a Spongebob alarm clock. "Figres" I muttered, "Every idiot boy would have that." He suddenly walked into the room. "Uh..." he thought for a moment, "You can have the bed?"
"Thanks," I smiled sweetly as possible, although I hated him with a fiery passion. I found my way to a bathroom and threw on some clean dry clothes from my backpack. I walked back into the room. "Woah, how'd you do that?!" He asked pointing to my change of clothes. I was wearing a pair of plack skinny jeans and a white and black striped tank-top. I lifted up my green and black checkered backpack, "This."
"Oh, I didn't even notice you had that! Did you have it the whole time?!"
"Yeah," I laughed. I smiled and got into the bed, falling right asleep. I woke up and looked at the alarm clock, 2:27 A.M. I had this problem where I would wake up a few times during the night. I never got a full night's sleep. I felt a bit of wight on my shoulder, so I looked behind me. Sure enough, there was Evan, in the bed with his hand resting on my shoulder, snoring peacefully.
Sick! I moved over to the floor. I was so tired from the day before, that I fell right back aslep.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! We both shot up because of the noise the alarm clock was making. "AHH!" I screamed in horror. In front of me was Evan, on the floor with a blanket next to me. "WHAT?! Oh," he yelled while turning the noise off, "Hurry! We've gotta get to school or we'll be late!"
"Okie doke! See ya!" I said as I jumped out of the window (Yes, I jumped) with my backpack. I landed on the ground, but awkwardly on my foot. I knew I had sprained or broken it, but I wanted to get as far away from the house and that creeper Evan as I possible could. I was already dressed so I just pulled out my skateboard from my backpack and took a short-cut down to the school, so that no one would see me. When I got close enough I threw it in a bush so that no one see me riding it, I didn't need to attract any attention to myself. I walked through the gates of Walamar High. RING! The bell rang as I stepped on campus. Right on time, I laughed to my own thoughts.
I stepped into my first period class, Science. I heard people talking laudly and squealing as I opened up the door. Once I was in veiw of my classmates, a girl yelled, "OH MY GOSH SAMANTHA! YOU'RE NOT DATING ALEC ANYMORE?!?!?!??!" I didn't even look up to see who had asked the question, I just shook my head and sat down. I was trembeling because of his name. Alec. Suddenly, the volume level of the class went WAY up, all the girl started screaming with delight, talking about Alec.
"WAAAIIITTTTT!!!!!" another girl screamed at the top of her lungs to get over the sound. The room got very quiet. "Samantha, is he single?" I just nodded my head, still trembeling, unable to control myself. The screamed started again and I put my head on the table. Ugh. Could this get any worse? That class took forever, I kept hearing Alec's name being mentioned, whenever I did, I flinched.
Second period was Band. No one seemed to notice about Alec and I. Figures, the only people in here are just band geeks. Only a few girls who were sort of close to me came to comfort me and say sorry. I couldn't play any of the tunes correctly, my hands were still shaking, so was my breath, but that class went by quickly.
Next was Math. I stepped into the classroom early, since Band and my Math class we're right next to eachother. It was empty, besides T.J. and George sitting on their desks. They pulled me into a hug as I tried to hold back the tears. I stayed in T.J.'s arms longest. "Shh," he cooed, "It's going to be okay. Everything wil be fine." He stroked my hair, talking to me and helping me to calm down. When we had broke apart kids started flooding in, so we took our seat. The class zoomed by while I texted them.
Fourth period was P.E. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get through that class. Alec was in my class. I stepped onto the black top and as soon as he turned to me I burst into tears. He pulled me into a hug and I just cried in his arms. When I stepped away I looked at his shoulder and laughed. "Uh... Sorry 'bout that."
He just laughed, "Don't worry, no prob'."
"So I hear Sammy isn't dating Alec anymore! He probably realized what a pathetic loser she is!" Emma smirked at me. Emma was the most popular (andmost annoying) girl in school, my group and I hated her, but pretty much everyone else just worshipped her at her feet.
"Put a cork in it barbie doll," I shot back, without glancing at her.
"Do we have a problem here?" Asked her boyfriend, Black, while putting his hand on her delicate shoulder. Emma's blonde hair floated with the wind. Her blue eyes gleamed with the sunlight. I looked over at Blake. His dark his was put up into a fohawk, and I can't deny that it looked really good on him. "Of course not sweetie. Now get back to your class and stay our of my business!" She barked.
"Yes! Of.. Of course! Whatever you say!"
"Why do you do that?!" My eyebrows narrowed and my cold glance was shot right at her.
"What?!" She snapped right back at me.
"You act like a total jerk! Even to your BOYFRIEND!"
"It's not like HE'S gonna dump me or anything! He LOOOVEEESSS me."
"Wow," I rolled my eyes.
"So Alec. what's up?" She asked while playing with his hair. He backed up a few steps, trying to get away from her. He looked around helplessly, "Uh... Aaron! Hey!" He ran over to Aaron while Emma stomped her foot in anger, "ALEC!"
"He doesn't like you barbie," I muttered.
"Yeah?! Well apparently he doesn't like You!" she screamed in my face. I just rolled my eyes, it wasn't worth argueing with someone who didn't know. Pain suddenly took over, my adrenaline had apparently run out, and my ankle suddenly screamed with pain. I tried to ignore it, and do my activities, but my expression showed that I was still in pain.
After P.E. I walked into history. I smiled weakly at Alec as I tried to pass him, but he stopped me. The teacher wasn't in the room and there were only a few people in the classroom. "Are you okay? You look ... Hurt."
"Well, I jumped outof a window and I think I sprained or broke my ankle," I whispered, the pain seemed to have even been making my voice weaker.
"Sam. You need to get someone to look at it."
"No." I pushed pashed him and plopped in my seat. I caught a glimpse of someone staring at me, but I paid no attention to it. I looked over at a guy who I had crushed on in 8th grade.
Marucs. He had saggy dirty blonde hair. He had these blueish green eyes and he was kind of cute. Oh-no. I would have none of that thinking! I day dreamed through that class. It's 5th period and the day would soon be coming to an end... Then I'd have to go back to Evan's house. I shivered at the name.
Once the bell rang I walked into Language Arts. That class is okay, it's not fun and not boring. That class crawled by. For 7th period, Yearbook, we all stayed in the same class. It went by fairly quickly and school was finally over. The bell rang and people snatched up there stuff and barged out the door. I just walked, I wasn't in a hurry to go back to the place I dreaded anyways. I looked ahead and spotted Evan, my heart rate started increasing, my fear and worry taking over me. I hid behind a wall, hoping he hadn't spotted me. I took slow, deep breaths, trying to slow down the beating of my heart. I swear, it was so loud you could hear it a mile away.
Once I had figured he had disapeared, I came out from my hiding spot. I looked around, glad he was no where to be seen. "Hey." I jumped around, my heart rate going up again, afraid that it was Evan who had found me. I winced in pain, my ankle feeling like it was on fire. "What?" I asked harshly. I wasn't angry at his, just the pain was unbearable.
"I saw you staring at me in History."
"I was not!"
"Sam, yes you were. I was watching you. With my own eyes."
"I was daydreaming!"
"Oh really?!"
"Yes really!"
"Whatever, but you know, I'm still single" he said at me smiling.
"I HAVE a boyfriend."
"Wait, what? I though that you weren--"
"It's not Alec," I interrupted him looking down at the ground, feeling ashamed, "It's someone else."
"Oh, well then who is it?"
"Evan," I almost started crying. Marcus was shocked, and he had no intention of hiding it. "Him?! Why would YOU date HIM?! How?!?!? WHY!?!" And that's when the tears came, my vision was blurred and my throat was choked up. Marcus pulled me into his arms and I just let him hold me while I cried. I hated crying, I never cried. To me, crying was for weak girls with girl problems. Then again, I guess maybe you could call my situation a girl problem.
The moment was sweet. I was standing there, wrapped in his arms. He was supporting me, helping me so that I wouldn't collapse onto the ground. His hand stroked through my hair, he whispered to me, "Shh, Sam. You're a strong girl, it's going to be okay. It's okay, Sam." My trembeling body had stopped shaking and was calm. Marcus's body sent heat into mine, helping me to calm myself down.
I pulled away and shook my head, not wanting to cry anymore. "What, is Sammy too tough for a hug?" He teased.
I smiled, "No! It's just that... Well.. Yes," I laughed.
"So what are you gonna do?" he asked.
"I... I don't know" I though about my options of what I could do. Marcus was the only person who wasn't in my little group who knew that I was a criminal. "You know what I think you should do?" he said interrupting my thoughts.
"Don't even," I hissed at him, knowing what he was about to say.
He paid no attention to my comment though, "I think that you should go home."
"Are you INSANE?! They probably won't even recognize me!" I practically screamed in his face. I spotted an empty classroom and walked over to it, Marcus following right behind. After getting a pin from my pocket and picking the lock, I grabbed Marcus's arm and pulled him inside.
"They'll turn me in, they're probabl so ashamed. They don't love me! Can't you see?! I can't go back," I cried. Marcus walked over and put his hand on my shoulder. "It's going to be okay, You're GOING to make it through this. You're a tough girl, you can handle it."
I looked at him, "I hope you're right, Marcus."
"Yeah, so am I," he smiled.
"Well, now I have to go back to Evan's house or the skate park," I threw my head in my hands.
"Or you could come hang out at the park with me?" he suggested.
I smiled, "Yeah, I'd like that."
"Come on, let's get outta here," Marcus said. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the door. I glanced in a mirror and saw that my eyes were green. I smiled, they were always green when I was happy. We walked out of the capus hand-in-hand.
30 minutes later we reached the park and I tugged him over to the swings. "Come ON!" I laughed.
"Okay! Okay! I'm coming!" he laughed back. I jumped onto a swing and looked up into the sky, thinking. It was odd, Marcus made me feel like a totally different person. I didn't pay attention to boys, or my problems, or trying to show off. All I thought about was trying to be me, the real me. Who I was three years ago.
When my parents and siblings loved me. I was so stupid. It all happened when I was 14, 3 years ago. I was out with some "friends", Marilee, Karly, and Tanya. We were in Hollister and I saw Marilee stuff a shirt inside her bag while no one was looking. "Oh come on Samantha!" Karly said, "No one will notice!" I hesitated and grabbed a shirt and walked out.
After tat I believe I could take anything without getting caught. I believed I was invincable. Shirts, perfume, jewelry, anything. My goal was to become rich but then, I would have to rob a bank. But when I did, I got caught and my parents bailed me out. But my actions didn't stop there. Parties, clubs, drunk driving, it went on forever.
But in one texting while driving accident, I killed several people and fled from the scene. I tended to my own pretty severe wounds, well, Marcus did. He found me and thankfully he was studying Health at the time so he basically saved my life that day. We also met that day.
I told him my story and he listened. To my suprise, he didn't turn me in. Instead, he took me to the hospital and said that I had been in a terrible car accident. He visited a lot to check up on me After seven weeks I was able to leave the hospital. Marcus came and took me to his car. "So where do you live?" he asked.
"Somewhere around here, but I'm definetly not going back!"
"Oh, uh, okay. Do you want to stay at my place?"
"Yeah, actually that'd be nice." That's how it all started. I started going to his school, making different friends, continueing my bad personality. I met Alec there, his friends, and learned how to skateboard.

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