Zombies and Monsters and Michael, Oh My!!

For those people who like horror and zombies and, of course, Michael Jackson, this is for you.

This story takes place in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

Enjoy. :)

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Chapter 1

Meeting Michael

I cautiously stepped out onto the deserted streets. Thousands of cars had been stranded, crashed into buildings or one another, creating a virtual maze.
I heard a distant rumbling, and every now and then a shot or an explosion. I was completely alone.
A few days ago, scientists had found some reptilian creature buried in the Antarctic ice. They brought it to a lab here in Florida to study it. They thought it was dead, but actually it was in hybernation. It awoke and wreaked havoc in the lab and eventually spread to the cities. They grow rapidly and are hermaphridites. If you get bit by the little ones you become infected in about 30 to 40 seconds.

I walked towards the Mid Bay Bridge when I heard an awful screeching, and someone yelling. Someone who wasn't infected. They were coming my way.
I pulled out my sword instinctively. I saw a man running from the infected. Seven zombies chased him hungrily.
"Over here!" I yelled.
He ran towards me and I hit one of the zombies with the butt of my sword just before it grabbed him. I sliced through each one easily.
I listened quietly, I didn't hear any more screeching.
"Have you been bitten?" I asked raising my sword.
He shook his head exhausted.
Something moved out of the corner of my eye and I turned to see what it was. I heard the man scream as he was knocked to the ground by one of the ugly creatures.
It had a short snout and huge black soulless eyes. He struggled to keep it from biting him. I sliced its head and kicked the body off before any of its blood could get in his mouth.
"I really hate those things." I said looking at its twitching ugly body.
I helped him up.
"Are you allright?" I asked.
"Yea." he said.
I looked at his face. I knew that face. This was Michael Jackson. Unless I was hallucinating. Scratches from the creature ran deep into his arms and parts of his chest.
"We need to get that fixed." I motioned to his arms.
I sheathed my sword and we walked to the place I would call home for a few more days.

We entered the hotel room, that I used as a shelter. I had extra swords, knives, daggers, food, and medical supplies.
"Wow." Michael said as he looked around.
"I go out daily and get supplies before the infected poison it all." I said.
"Here lets get those scratches tended to." I said grabbing the medical supplies.
I set the things on the bed as he took his shirt off. I looked at his bare chest and my heart skipped a beat when he turned his gaze to me. I made myself look away as he sat down and held out his deeply scratched arms. His eyes like deep pools of chocolate still gazing at me.
I grabbed the cottonballs on the nightstand and dipped them in the rubbing alcohol. I cleaned the dried blood that were caked around his wounds. I grabbed the damp rag and washed his wounds, this would prevent any infections.
He sucked in a breath.
"Sorry." I said.
I wrapped the guaze and bandages around his wounds.
"How did you...um?" he asked looking for the right words.
"Survive?" I asked.
He nodded.
"I was going to the store, and for some reason there was a whole bunch of people there. I think there was this new book coming out and it just came in. People were standing in line. I met my friend there. She was waiting for it too." I paused reliving that moment. "The next thing I knew, we heard this horrible screeching, I ran through the back of the store and found this." I held up the sword. "I finally came here, there was no where else to go."
"What about your friend?" he asked.
"We had lost eachother in the crowd. One minute she was running behind me, and the next, she was gone." I turned my head to meet his gaze. "The last time I saw her, she was infected, just like the rest."
"I'm sorry." he said softly putting a hand on my shoulder.
I threw my arms around him. I normally wouldn't do that to anyone. Usually I would think it would show my vulnerability, but I felt like I could trust him.
He wrapped his arms around me and held me.
"You are the first person I have seen in days." I admitted sighing. "Well one that isn't trying to eat my face off."
I pulled away.
"I'm sorry." I said.
"It's ok." he said. "I understand. I'm glad I met you before they caught me. Thank you." he smiled.
"No problem." I said smiling back.

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