Lines Beyond The Script

Heeeeyyyooo(: It's Your's truely, bringing you yet another drama filled amazing tale. This time, about a few highschool students, who seem to be having completely fun filled lives until tragedy strikes....What's the tragedy? I don't know yet...but something tragical, that's for sure. Please comment for the new chapters, thanks people!(:


Chapter 1

Black, Purple, & Yellow

Guys; there all the same, are they not? It seems as if most of them are very good with their complex nature. Confusing every girl they come across. Still they are intriguing and can be completely amazing with romantics. Some are jocks, atheletic and strong, with their masculine muscles and six pack abs. Others are more interested in books and nature. Loners; that don't talk to anyone and seem to be the most complicated out of all of them.
And then there are my favorite...guys like Jarrod Oberbreckling. The ones that laugh the most, and seem to have that never ending sparkle in their eyes. They don't act as if they don't care about everyone, because they can't. Those specific guys, care about every living, breathing thing. They would do anything for anyone to protect them or help them. There hearts are as big as there bodies, and they are magnificent. And this very specific one...Jarrod, he is the most real person and the biggest pretender I have ever met. No, I'm not insulting him...It's the truth. He's an actor; a highschool stage artist. The best Blackwood High has ever seen. And I am proud to call him my best friend.


"Hey, hand me that marker," Jarrod says, as the ink begins to come out faded from his own. I set the big tipped, black permanant sharpie next to him as he caps the other and tosses it in the trash. He swiftly picks mine up and begins outlining the letters of our new high school banner. He offered to make the new one, simply for a creative outlit. "So, are you making the interior of the words black or purple?" I question, watching him trace the last H, as I sit on the floor, eating a bag of buttery popcorn. He glances up at me, "Neither actually..." I can feel my face wrinkle in confusion, but before I can say anything, he continues. "I know those are our school colors, but, what most people at our school don't know is that in 2005, our school board discussed adding a third color." I smile as I listen to him, popping another piece of popcorn into my mouth, "And what color would that be?" I ask after chewing. "That color would be..." he trails off picking up another marker, "Here, catch..." he tosses it to me. I catch it, then set my bowl down on the floor. My lips curl up in a smile as I notice it's yellow. "Really? Black, purple, & yellow?" He nods, "Yep, it's true...Blackwood wanted to be remembered, and no one else in the entire state of Iowa has that color combination." I throw the marker back to him, "How come they decided against it?" I question, moving to lay on my stomach, and resting my cheeks in my hands. "It's funny actually...Blackwood wanted to be remembered...not made fun of...They thought they'd look like a bruised bumblebee." he chuckles, glancing up at me again. i shake my head, "Rememebered...but they decided against adding any color so...what good did that do?" He shrugs, "I'm not even sure how to answer your question, Rylee." He moves his body to where he's laying on his stomach, facing me from across the banner. "So...what do you say? Wanna help me add a little color to remember to our not so rememberable small town school?" His light brown eyes gleam with the thought. I nod, "Hand me a marker, boy." he does so, chuckling.

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