If I were Lily, I'd choose you. (Joe Moses Story)

If I were Lily, I'd choose you. (Joe Moses Story)

Considering everyone wanted a JoMo story and there are none, I'm writing one. I hope you enjoy this story about the totally awesome Joe Moses. If you don't know him... he plays Snape in AVPM/S. He's incredible.

Chapter 1

Character Info.

Name: Marley Reece.
About her: Goes to University of Michigan. Studies Musical Theater and such. Is a wonderful singer and actress, she doesn't think so. Could play the piano very well. Dorms with Lauren Lopez. Best friends include Lauren, Joey Richter, Brian Holden, Darren Criss, Devin Lytle, Julia Albain, Joe Povolo, and so on. Mostly Joe Moses, who's been her best friend since High school.
The time of the beginning of the story is AVPM time. She is taking the place of Arielle Goldman (Sorry if you like her and stuff.)

This is the story of a girl. Is in love. Gets her heart broken. Gets it repaired. Gets it broken again, and then more, but you'll have to read. This is the story of Marley Reece.

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