This is a Hunger Games fan-fic. This is existing as if the epilogue from Mockingjay never happened. So, while reading this, pretend that you haven't read the epilogue!!! Hope you like it!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Enobaria and Johanna look at Beetee like they've seen a ghost.

"What?" Johanna asks, her jaw officially unattached from the rest of her mouth.
"I would have told you already, but I was waiting for the...Mellarks," Beetee says and puts on a sly, sad smile. Any other time, that would have made me smile. But now, where my peaceful land has been interrupted, I cannot even take much notice of Beetee's generosity.

"Well, are you going to tell us?" I ask, anger rising throughout my body, my tears dried, happiness disintegrated.
"I don't know if it would be better to tell you now, or once we get to the Capitol," Beetee ponders.
"Now would be better," Annie Cresta says, taking up half the seat next to Beetee, her wailing son sitting across from her. I hadn't even seen her sitting there, but her voice came as a surprise to know one else except Peeta and me.

"Yes, now would be nice," Enobaria says, politely. She's a lot nicer than I had taken her for in training and in the arena, but, then again, we aren't trying to kill each other now.
"Shh," Annie says to her son, and he quiets down immediantly.
"Tell me now, Bolts," Johanna says as she stands up in fury, her hands in tight fists at her side.
"Sit down, Johanna, and I will."

Johanna returns to sitting.

"Annie," Peeta says, calmly, "how do you know already?"'
"Yeah?" Johanna blurts.
"Because it involves her personally. As well as you, Katniss," Beetee mutters as he scans a yellow piece of paper.

I don't know what expressions are across my face, but my mind is most likely thinking the opposite.

"Katniss, you look green," Peeta says, letting go of me. He stands up and comes to sit in front of me. "Lay your head down."
I lay my head down on Peeta's lap, just as he told me. He puts his hands on my face and plays with a few loose strands of hair. He twirls a rather long one around his finger and it springs when he lets go.

What could it be that personally involves only me and Annie Cresta? Is it about my mother? Gale, who I haven't seen in years?
"What is it about?" I ask, my voice shaky. I blink, and reach my hand up to rub my eye, but, halfway to my face, I feel Peeta grab my hand and hold it in his. I squeeze his tightly, and he squeezes back.

"About your family, as was it Annie's," Beetee starts. I gasp and hold my breath. "Not the living ones. For Annie, it was Finnick, for you, it's your sister, Primrose."
I close my eyes and keep them shut. "What about them?" I ask sharply.
"Well, I'll tell you about Prim. The bomb? It was the rebels'. And, I know that is bad news, but there is some good to follow."

What could be good enough to make me forget what he just told me? Nothing.
"She isn't dead."

Beetee's words echo in my mind for about fifteen minutes before he speaks again. "District 13 had sent other nurses and doctors to aid wounded soldiers after the explosion. They found Prim's body, unconscious, but breathing. They took her back there. Because her body was nowhere to be found, everyone had assumed that she was dead. Now, in District 13, she is alive and well. She wanted to see you, but she was told that it was too soon."
"For what?" I demand. Still gripping tightly to Peeta's hand, I sit up next to him.
"She's not healthy enough. Her eyesight is still healing, as is her walking. She's very...distant," Beetee explained. Everyone's eyes were trained intently on my face.

Prim's hurt. But she's alive. No wonder Buttercup had felt so inclined to help me.
"Does my mother know any of this?"
"No. We--Paylor, Annie, and I--thought that it would be best if you told her."
"It really would be," Annie says with a smile.
Enobaria and Beetee started to talk about something, with Annie and Johanna nodding a lot. Peeta keeps caressing and brushing the hair off of my face. But all I can think of is Prim.

She's...alive. She's alive. She's alive! How come District 13 never told me, my mother, or even Peeta? We deserved to know! She's our family. We have been
living here for three years without her, and she's been alive the whole time.

"Will my mother be in the Capitol?" I ask, and everyone stops talking.
"Yes," Annie and Beetee answer.
Now, I will ask a very important question. Finnick Odair has not slipped my mind.
"What about--" I start.
"Finnick?" Peeta interrupts me, but gets it right. I turn to him and smile.
"Yes," I confirm, in case the smile meant nothing to the others.
"What about him?" Annie asks.
"Hey," Johanna says. "Brainless over there's got a point. We all know about Katniss's dear little sister. But what about Finnick? I'd like to know about one of my allies that I had thought to be dead."
"Would you like to explain? Or shall I?" Beetee asks Annie.
"I'll do it," she says. "Well, he's not very normal. Beetee told me that he was in the state that he was in before I was in District 13, but of course, I have no knowledge of what that state was. I'm sure the three of you know," Annie says, nodding first to Peeta and I, then to Johanna. We nod.

"Always tying knots. His hands becoming sore from the thick, tough rope. He's in shock, in pain. Even when I'm with him. And, as you were once, Katniss, he is a mental Avox. He only spoke once, and he said that he wants to see his friends. Nothing more. We assumed he meant his allies."
"Yes, we are his friends, even though I was never a particular ally. Everyone else in here knows that I was excluded," Enobaria says with a frown.
"I had no knowledge of that plan, or, of course I would have had you as an ally, Enobaria," I say truthfully. If I knew that she would give her life to save mine, how could I not be her friend?
"You would?" she asks hopefully.
"Yes, of course," I nod.
She smiles. "Thank you. For what could have been."

Johanna rolls her eyes. "Blah, blah, blah. No one cares. It's over. Done. It doesn't matter what could have been, because it wasn't. End of story."
"Leave it to Johanna to ruin a perfectly happy moment," Peeta whispers into my ear. I giggle.

"What's funny?" Enobaria asks.
"Oh, I'll tell you later, when we'll have time to enjoy it," I tell her.
"Something worth waiting for?"
"Oh, yes."

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