This is a Hunger Games fan-fic. This is existing as if the epilogue from Mockingjay never happened. So, while reading this, pretend that you haven't read the epilogue!!! Hope you like it!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

By the time we are half-way to the Capitol, everyone but Beetee, Peeta, and I have fallen asleep. Annie's son had begun to cry again, so she rocked him until they both fell asleep.

Enobaria talks in her sleep. She talks to herself, though answering to both sides of the conversation. She speaks of President Snow and President Coin, of Finnick, of Johanna, of Peeta and I. She speaks of the arena, of how she wishes that she hadn't gone in there once, not to mention twice.

Johanna snores, a fact that I can now tease her with. Why she calls me 'brainless'? I have no clue. She didn't have to go through being 'Girl on Fire' for two years until the Capitol was brought down.

Beetee is still staring away at that yellow piece of paper. What could be on it? I wonder. Probably something that would look like Pig Latin to me, a weird language that Prim was taught when she was in third grade. She attempted to help me learn it, but I always ended up with a word that belonged to neither language. She eventually gave up and decided that that was a language only for school.

Peeta would drift continually in and out of sleep. We moved up to the seats we had been offered when we boarded in District 12. Peeta is sitting normally, but I'm sitting abnormally close to him, almost on his lap, but not quite. His arm is around me, and I have my arms around his waist, and although they are being crushed by Peeta's body, I am very comfortable. I lean my head on his shoulder, and he leans his head on mine.

I'm getting bored, guessing what is on the mysterious yellow paper, listening to Enobaria's mumbling, the pattern of Johanna's snores. I gently shake Peeta, and his eyes flutter open, but quickly close again. I kiss his cheek, and he's suddenly wide awake, smiling.
"Hi," I whisper, returning a smile.
"Hi," he says whispers back. "Too bored?"
"Yes. I've got nothing to do."
"Well, I can easily change that." He leans in and gives me a long kiss. I kiss him back. After about two minutes, of still wanting more, sweet, kisses, I pull away.
"Hm?" he asks, a quizzical look on his wonderful face.
"I want to play a game," I declare.
"Which one?" He pretends like we have many, and I go along with it.
"My favorite one." Let him guess.
"And which one is that?" Apparently, he doesn't want to guess.
"Real or Not Real."

That was a game that someone--I don't remember who--created after Peeta was taken by the Capitol after we'd rescued him...after he'd been hijacked. It was intended to help Peeta with his memory, after he just about had no more of me. But now, it's turned into a game that me and Peeta play. Just to play.

"Okay. You want to go first?" he asks.
"Yep. You love me. Real or not real?" I start.
"Real, of course. I proposed, didn't I?" he says in a joking voice.
"I know, but can't I ask the question?" I ask and raise my eyebrows.
"It's part of the game, so yes. You love me. Real or not real?"
I shake my head and roll my eyes. "Yes. I'll be the nice guy and I won't make a comment."
"Good girl. Your turn."
"Okay. Um...you want to have kids. Real or not real?" I know the answer is real. I asked him before. He told me he wanted to have two kids, both boys.
"You know the answer to that, Katniss. Real." Peeta says and he flicks my nose.
"Hey!" I say. I flick his nose back, and, soon enough, we are laughing so hard that we have woken up Johanna, Enobaria, Annie, and her son.

"Why'd you wake me up, brainless?" Johanna says, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "I was just dreaming that I wasn't on this hovercraft. Lots more fun."
Enobaria yawns. "I was dreaming that I never had to go into the arena a first time, let alone a second. Very peaceful."
"Sounds like it," I say, still laughing.
"Go back to sleep, guys," Peeta says. "We can't play our game if you're yapping."
"Whatever. It was a lot better in my dream, anyway," Johanna says and sticks her tongue in our direction. "I'm going back to sleep."
"I'm going to talk to Annie, okay?" Enobaria explains. "I hope I won't disturb your...game." She walks over to where Annie is sitting and they start a conversation about who knows what.

"That's better. Don't you agree?" I ask Peeta.
"Oh, much better. Wanna play a different game?" It's obvious he wants to kiss me, and of course I want to kiss him, too. But we were already playing one.
"In a minute. It's your turn. Then, we can play your game. Like the sound of that?"
"M-hm. So...this isn't really a 'Real or Not Real' question, though. Do you care?"
"No, not really. Just, what's the question?" What could it be? Ah, there is just so much guessing for me today. Why can't someone just tell me?! This is probably about him and I, though, so that will make me feel much better.

"Okay. When do you want to have the wedding?" he asks, brushing hair from my face. Good. A question to make me feel better.
"How about...May 8? My birthday." I'll turn twenty-one on this date. Peeta, of course, turns twenty-one three weeks and some days before I do. He told me the date once, I just don't remember it.

"Sounds great. Inside or out?" Is this just one giant wedding questionnaire?
"Out. I've always wanted my wedding outside. You don't mind?"
"Of course not. Now, about my game..."
"In a second." You have to keep Enobaria up to date on weddings. "Enobaria?"
"Yes, Katniss?" she answers, looking over to me, cutting Annie off mid-sentence.
"We have the date. For our wedding. May 8."
"Great!" she exclaims, with real enthusiasm. "I'm invited?"
"Of course you are. You all are."
"Thanks for the invitation, Katniss." Annie says with a smile. She turns back to Enobaria and they continue their conversation.

"My game?" Peeta says, with real hurt on his face.
"Oh, all right." I lean in and kiss him, and he kisses me back. He pulls away, but holds my face and whispers in my ear, "I love you."
I whisper back, "I love you, too."

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