This is a Hunger Games fan-fic. This is existing as if the epilogue from Mockingjay never happened. So, while reading this, pretend that you haven't read the epilogue!!! Hope you like it!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I wake up and Peeta is right by my side, watching me sleep.

"You're beautiful when you sleep," he says and kisses my head. "You're beautiful all the time."
I smile.

He hits my head. "Don't be modest."
I shake my head. "Only for you, Peeta. Only for you."
He mocks my tone. "Only for you, Katniss, only for you." He shakes his head and gives a hearty laugh. "No nightmares."
I shake my head. "No nightmares."

This is the end! I know, so short...but I love it!

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