Why Am I Negative??

I've been asked so many times why i'm always negative. Well read below and find out.

Chapter 1

This Is Why I'm Negative

Why am i negative?? Because i'm not positive..... Well, i say it's easier to be negative rather than always wear a smile and tell people everything is okay. First, because it's lying and second because people need to know the truth. But that's a lie too. Do you wanna know the real reason i'm negative?? It's because being positive is a waste of time. Trying to be happy and say "everything will be alright" never works. I always get hurt in the end. I'm tired of getting my hopes up just to have them crushed. I've been betrayed, left behind, and lied to too many times. I've been hurt so many times i lost count and i don't wanna get hurt again.... That's why i'm not positive.


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