A re re gaara love story

I am beautiful I have forest green eyes nobody ever in my life had my hair could change colors I lived in suna my new home is konoha I hate lies cheating and stuckup ppl I loved anything until that day well I guess ill explain it to u my names emika nickname emi this is my story

Chapter 1

heartbroken its 3 years later

I ran over to gaara's house to tell him we r moving I walked in and saw him making out with temaris friend tears slid down my face soon I got pissed I went crushed some of his heart he screamed and fell I watched as hisainful eyes lovked gazes with me I smirked and strolled off I packed my things he tried to visit or call I would never anwser I put my stuff in my limo I turned to see the two timing monster standing there I glared and walked to the car I smirked and said dont wait up we drove off to the leaf village we were 13 then but now its been 3 years since then I have grown into a heartbreaking beautiful girl I got fan guys who r annoying but r useful I put on my black fosh net top over my short lengthed strapless bra top it showed my stomach I also put on short shorts and I strapped my puch on my thigh my kantana on my inner thigh I let my hair flow down to my waist I walked to the chunin exam I waljed in and past a illusion and into the chunan test room I leaned against a wall smirking soon ppl I never wanted to see came in I didnt hate temari I walked up to her and smirked and said dont member me my name starts with a e and ends woth a mika she squealed and hugged me I hugged bavk she looked at me and said "u have grown more beautiful" I nodded and looked at my fan guy I asked for a soda he came back with one I kissed his cheek I winked at temari and we burst out laughing I smiled and said "i bet kankuro will fall for my act" we laughed and betted 50 yen I walked up flirting with him when he tried to kiss me I smacked him and said thankss u won me my bet I laughed getting the money from temari soon I sat a gaara glared I smirked at him as his sand came I whispered pain he crumpled on the floor screaming I stood watching mercylessly I stopped it and smirked and said do u remember me now gaara he stared at me and whispered my name "emika"i smiled down at him like a killer I walked off soin his sand came at me I smirked as I controled it he grew shocked I smiled down at him and walked off I giggled and jumped on sasukes back and yelled to sakura whatcha doinggg!! She laughed soon it was time I wrote the anwsers as I read his mind I smirked and played with gaara's mind I giggled at the shukaku as shadow snarled at him for trying to hurt me shadow and I grew close soon it was time my hand flew in the air i passed I walked out as gaara approached me I glared hissing "what do u want" he stared and asked what happened to me that I changed a hurt smile appeared on my face "you happened you were my world u broke my heart I turned cold merciless and I turned violent and also beautiful but u just hurt me by showing up here I was happy and now ur back" I walked out the hall leaving him shock still I telorted to my room I grabbed my guitarand sung my new song rolling in the deep I recored it on my cell I didnt expect my bestys sakura ino hinata and temari to be standing in my doorway as the song ended I nodded hptpi looked up embrassed I looked back down they shut the door and squealed I looked at them as they said compkements I smiled nodding temari said "when did u start singing" I looked down I wrote my first song the night he cheated on me I smiled up at them and said wanna hear the song they nodded i walked to another room the piano was here I played and sung broken hearted girl I sung more better I sing because this is how I was feeling at the moment I got off singing I didnt know that naruyo sasuke gaara and kiba were in the doorway I kept singing my heart and sorrow and pained love out I let teara fall as the song ended I smiled at temari ino and sakura I looked in the doorway my eyes widening I dragged them to my music room and said press record when im in the booth I didnt carw the guys were in here I started rapoing to my new song empire state of my mind i laughed and had fun with it I sung my heart out with more life in me I waved my hands around as they laughed I rapped better this time I smiled dancing along they couldnt hear anything I would show them when I got out the song ended I smiled and walked out in my new skinny jeans and a strapless bra top it was black and it showed alot of my stomach I got it peirced I was in my new boots I had my hair down I smiled and said ready for awesomeness I laughed playing it I got a waapter as the guys starred shocked I could rap I bobbed my head I smiled at my bestys and whispered party at my house tonight I giggled and walked to the kitchen fixing food as we shoved the boys out telling them to spread the word I hummed swinging my hips to rihanna I laughed singing along and dancing around the kitchen I laughed and turned I pulled ino temari and sakura and hinata up we danced tpgether laughing and singing I dropped low mpving my hips I laughed as we danced soon ppl came naruto was thw first to show up I winked at hinata she blushed I giggled we danced around them putting up decortions me cooking I smiled bending back kicking ny leg up I twirled rolling my,body around I swutched my hips to the beat laughing as I landed in a split I flipped up and pulled out the food I set it up humming swinging my hips I played rihanna on the sterio I skid up and did a awesome dance routine I kicked my leg up high leaning back twirling I rqn upstairs not knowing he was watching I thought,about gaara I still liked him shadow yel lhe d at me as I sighed and agreed with him but I told him there was just force pushing me towards him I shook my head and put on short shorts and a chainbelt my belly glisted like my body I slipped on my new black bra top the showed alit of my stomach it was strapless I put on black pumps and a white leather jacket and a choker necklace I made my hair light chocolate brown with shadows power it had black highlights I walked down I laughed and hugged hinata inl sakura temari ten ten and all of the curls I smiled and poked chouji and said glad u like my food I smiled sweetly I giggled and pulled the girls with me and showed them the dance room I was rich I popped in my cd and said I sung this and we squealed a bit I put my pumps by the stage and started dancing I got up stage rapping with the cd the,guys came in shocked I laughed and put on a hat,bavkwards singing I pulled up temari and danced with her I flipped backwards landing in a split I flipped up I put my htpat on hinsta rapping I grabbed a new hat tilting it I rapped even better leaned in and hinata sung with me I rapped the part I was best at the guys looked so shocked I kept rapping I rolled my,body with sakura as I rapped soon hinats took over the next part I smiled at her I sung with her the song went off I paused the cd I giggled and said come on kets,have fun I put on my heels and rapped empire state of mind smiling and I pulled ten ten up her dancing with a routine with ne I let the cd take over I danced with them all the guys looked shocked I waved my hand infront of tgeir faces I shrugged n yelled grab a guy and dance I pulled gaara off and danced with him we danced a bit more and decided to play truth or dare temari went first she asked ne "truth or dare" I thought the guys were talking for a bit over on the sofas I smiled "trutthhh" I giggled temari smiled and said do u still like gaara I blushed a deep red color and stuttered "y-y-yes" I blushed and temari smiled and sang I knew it I giggled at her victory dance and yelled "my turnnn" I smirked and yelled "SASUKE" he turned and I layed back saying truth or dare he smirked "dare" I laughed "bold statement I dare u to make out with both ino and sakura" I smirked and said "no takesy backsy so either do it or u will be hanging in a tree by your underweaaarrr" I giggled and watched it I taped it to I smirked and said "told u it was making a,bold statement" I winked as he grumbled "ur turn" I said he glared and said to me truth or dare I glared I smirked "dare" he smiled evilky dare u to make out with gaara and then kiss a girl I shrugged sat on,gaaras lap making out with him for a long time I pulled away blushing and said "sorry" I shrugged abd kissed sasuke on the cheek he yelled "i said a girl" I loked "ohh so ur not a girl huh I got confused" I smirked and walked off I yelled back "u know,ya still love me so dont,hate im still awesome and ur friend" I smirked and sat with temari and let tenten,have a turn she dared shikamaru to make out with temari I smiled deviously and yelled "WHOOO GET SOMEEE SHIKA U TO TEMARIIII WHOOOO YEAHHHH WHOOOOO GET SOME YEAH TONGES AND ALL" they turned giving me a death glare i smiled and said "its not like ur offended u two did it before I heard temari screaming ur name while u were visiting suna" I smirked as the tackled me to the ground my shadow vlone poofed I sweetened temari up shika's still pissed so I had to fight him I glared and said "u forced me shika"

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