A Candle in the Wind [StarKid: Brian Holden Story]

A Candle in the Wind [StarKid: Brian Holden Story]

I know. I know. NO. Im still not off writer's block. I just cant waste any idea that decides to pop in my head. So, Im gonna suck my pride up, and write out this interesting yet stupid Idea.

The usual. Using me. Boring, I know. =/
Name: Cassandra Sherwood
Age: 21?
Apperence: Whatever comes to mind as you read on... if I continue =/
Height: Erm. 5' 5 or 5' 6. Or... 5' 6 ¼ :)
Weight: Average
Eye: Dark Blue... =o{
Hair: Dark Brown... with natural Blonde.

Okay. Enjoy. :]

Chapter 1

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

(You may want to watch 'Team StarKids Chat of Doom' on youtube, thats what this is based off of really...)

Brian Holden was staring at the laptop he grabbed off the stand beside him while Joe Walker was answering a question on a livestream FireSide chat thing they were doing. Sitting, watching through my own laptop screen, I saw him start scanning the comments. My stomache gave a small but unmistakable flop and I suddenly had to urge to do something drastic. Shrugging and thinking he'd just scan passed it, I added to the comments.
As soon as I clicked the ENTER button, I almost regretted it, but for what reason? I hardly doubted he would be reading MINE of all of them on there. But as soon as I started to calm down about the whole situation, he started reading some outloud.
He smiled and leaned the direction of his voice towards a boy standing behind walker, "AJ, If your reading this take off Joe's Hat."
AJ grinned and reached his hand over to yank off Walker's hat, but failed. Brian continued reading.
"Brian, If your reading this right now, say 'Hi' " He paused with a crooked grin and a confused expression. "I uh... Just did?"
Everyone around him started laughing. By everyone I meant: Corey Lubowich, Carlos Valdes, AJ Holmes, Joe Walker, Lauren Lopez, Denise Donovan, Eric Cromwell, Jamie-Lyn Beatty, Meredith Stepien, and Joey Richter; who was in a video IN this video chat since he couldn't be there with everyone.
AJ quickly grabbed the hat off of Joe's head and slammed it his own. I started laughing at the screen watching them both have a 'Try-and-yank-it-off-my-head-OH-SNAP-you-missed-ha-ha-ha-ha' War, while as Brian just rolled his eyes and shot back to the comments.
After a few seconds I stopped laughing as I saw Brian staring at a comment. He suddenly smirked then turned towards the camera.
He cleared his throat. "Ahem. Brian, If you just so happen to be reading this... DO NOT SAY IT OUTLOUD."
I gaped at my screen. He actually read my comment! Holy shizznip! But then a thought stuck the corner of my brain. I glared at his what seemed like mocking eyes and quickly clicked on the 'Add a Comment' button, then started typing.
Heyy! I told you NOT to say it out loud! That was a test and you failed! Enter
The a DINGING of a new comment sounded through the laptop inside my laptop,( Make sence) and I quickly saw him glance back down. He smiled wider, then crossing his hands together. "Too Bad, and why would I care about this," He made a quoting movement with his hands. " 'Test' of yours?"
I huffed, even thought he couldn't hear it, and dashed back to my keyboard.
Because it was MY Test! You Jerk! Enter
I impatiently waited while my computer was loading while tapped my fingernails on my desk, just waiting to see what he would do/say next.
He frowned and looked back up at the camera. "Excuse me! Miss," glanced to the screen then back up again. "C underscort sherwood! (C_Sherwood) I am NOT a Jerk!"
Again, everyone around him started to laugh and I grinned, the replied again.
Yes, yes you ARE. Enter
He gasped then practically threw the laptop back at AJ; who gracefully stuck it back on the stand.
"You know what? Fine then! Im dont talking to you!" He pouted. I rolled my eyes and didn't put a reply again after that. Then something stuck me. I just had a conversation with the Brian Holden! Well, I wouldn't call it exactly a conversation.... but it was close enough! Throughout the rest of the video I was still kind of dazed, and only made out a few of the things they were saying. "Roach Stuffed Pluffies. Starkid Backpacks. An LWL seasons 4&5 or Little WHite lie babies? I think they were joking, cause I heard laughter directly after, and... and... something about Swamma Mia?"
I only really got out of the daze when I heard Meredith start to sing.
"Goodnight little Starkid fans"
Jamie. "Sleep tight little Starkid family."
Eric. "Put thy loose tooth beneath your pillow.."
Lauren. "And maybe the fairy will come."
Joe. "Oh the little Starkid dreams."
AJ. "Part of our little Starkid team."
Brian. "And you will find sluts...." He along with everyone started laughing, but quickly continued. "...help...our...friend­s...."
Carlos. "Friends who will be with you until the end...."
Everyone grinned and joined in. "Until the ENNNDDD!!!!"
Joey's face suddenly appeared on the screen as he said; totally awesomely i might add.... "GOOODBYYEE!!!"
He started to wave while everyone laughed and cheered.
At the end of their StarKid Lullaby, I decided that I might as well comment one last time. So I did.
Hey AJ! Your closest to the Laptop! Make sure you tell Brian that hes STILL a JERK! Thanks a ton. :P Enter
I waiting a few seconds and seeing that no one noticed that I commented, I reached for my mouse and motioned to the exit chat button.
"Hey! Hey Holden! Hey hey! HEEEY! HOLDEEEEN! That girl says your still a Jerk!"
I stopped what I was doing and watched AJ call for Brian again. Just then, Joe Walker stood up to go turn off the chat and I saw something weird. Lauren... tried to... BITE. his butt?? What? Still focused on that, I hardly noticed when Brian stuck his face right in the camera. "I am NOT a Jerk!"
I grinned. Are! Enter
"She says you are!" shouted AJ.
"NOT!" Brian yelled back into the camera.
Areee! Enter
"She says you are!" AJ announced again.
And it kept on repeating.
Are enter
"She says are!"
"Well I say NOT!"
Are ;D Enter
"She says You are and a Smiley face!"
Are! You big dope! Enter
"She says Are and your a big dope!"
Yes you are!
"She says Ye--" Aj began.
"Oh thats it! GIVE ME THAT LAPTOP!"
Just as I saw him yank the laptop out of Aj's hands, the screen went black. I frowned, guessing that Joe finally figured out how to turn off the chat. It was fun making fun of Brian.
Sighing, I ran my mouse over the exit sign again... but AGAIN something stopped me from doing so. A message plopped on my screen.
Video Chat Rquest: Accept or Deny?
Huh? Who was sending me a VCR? (Omg! Haha! VCR! I never noticed that before! Thats HILARIOUS!!Sorry, on with the story...)
I went over possible things that might happen. FOr all I knew it could have been a stalker. But I shrugged it off, and click 'Accept' Cautiously.
Suddenly a giantic eyeball popped on my screen and I screamed while falling off my chair. WTFFF! Why is ther an EYEBALL!?
I got back up and saw that it wasnt an eyeball..... it was HOLDEN. Oh my god. He, was video chatting... ME?" What the flying fruity fvck!!
"I am not a jerk!" shaking his head super fast while looking down.
I grinned. "Are too!"
"Yes, you are!"
"No Im n--" All of the sudden he looked up and paused what he was saying. I raised my eyebrow at his strange look, then glanced around me to see if he saw something weird in my room. Nope. Did I have stuff on my face? I quickly, not trying to make it noticable, leaned across my laptop and picked up a mirror. After a small examination, it was decided that I looked perfectly normal. I went back to the screen.
"I... er... um..."
"Was it something I said?" I asked getting a little nervous.
"No.. I--- I..." He stopped speaking.
"So your just being a bigger jerk then?" I smiled, and that seemed to help.... ALOT.
"WHAT! I am not a jerk!"

We kept on going like that for about ten minutes.
"Holden! How long are you staying up?" I heard Walker's voice question. Brian turned around and looked to a spot where I guessed Walker was standing.
"Until I convince this chick that I am NOT a jerk!"
"Like thats ever gonna happen... whatever Holden, DONT WASTE THE BATTERY ON THAT COMPUTER!"
Brian waved his hand in a 'Go away' type gesture. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." Then he turned back to me.
"So.... do you like Green Lantern?"

After Hours and hours of non-stop talking, I finally reached over and grabbed my phone off the desk. "Wow! Its 2 in the morning over here!"
There was some shuffling from his side of the chat, which made me guess he was checking his phone as well, and then he spoke. "Its 3 here." He yawned. "We've been talking for over 6 hours."
"Im pretty tired now."
"Yeah," he chuckled. "I bet your breath smells pretty bad too."
I nodded and rubbed my eyes, then realized what he said and glared. "Your..." Yawn. "Such.. a jerk." I put my head in my arms on the desk.
"Am..... not...."
Yawn. "Are...."
"N---" I heard a loud bang noise, and didnt even need to look up to know he fell asleep where he was. After about 5 minutes of listening to only his soft breathing, I was in my own little dreamland...... having great and Holden-y dreams.

Im sorry if some of you think that im making new chapters on my other stories, but the truth is... im still not out of my writers block zone.
Let me tell you, when youve been in Writers Block for as long as me, you start to feel empty inside..... and when you finally get any sort of writing inspiration, you dont just let it go! You grab hold to it with all your might AND WRITE THE DAMN THING OUT ON QUIBBLO! I couldn't just let the only real Idea ive had in weeks SLIP AWAY!
Omg..... They SLipped away, my brosenthal story! LOL!! Anyways....
You get what I mean right? right??? So, you may be reading a lot of NEW stories from me for the next few weeks. Hopefully, not TOO much, because then i will have too many stories to complete.

But hey... think of it this way... Life is tough, so get a helmet.

Hope you liked it, even though it was stupid.

Brian Rosenthal = I still love you!

Readers = Thanks for keeping me going!

My Mind = Please... Get me out of writers block!

School = I wish you werent coming back!

My tiny voice = GET BIGGER


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