Smile :) [A Fred Weasley love story]

This is my first story, so please let me know what you think :)
By the way I'm not writing it according to what actually happens. I'm just writing whatever pops into my head and not going by the actual story line so if I don't put in things that happen that specific year, this is why.

Morgan Daniels
Brown/black hair
Green eyes

Enjoy :)

Chapter 1


I looked out my window and saw the snow drifting down onto the already white city. That sucks, I thought to myself as I got off my stool and marched down the stairs to ask Mum if we could still go for a walk. I reached the bottom and called out "Mum?" looking around the room. I spotted her at the table on the phone, holding a letter with a red seal on the back. She saw me and put her finger to her lips, signalling me to wait until she was finished on the phone. It must be an important call.
"Yes, it just arrived today. I knew it wouldn't be far away." I heard her say into the phone.
"Actually I was wondering if you could take her... The twins will be starting this year too wont they? And they got on great with her 6 years ago so that wouldn't be a problem would it?"
"Of course, I would give you the money for it as well as a little extra for your trouble. I just really need someone to take her. Someone I can trust to make sure shes ok."
"Thank you so much Molly"
"Yes, Saturday would be great. I'll let her know"

Mum hung up the phone and looked over at me, wearing a huge smile on her face.
"What was that about, Mum?" I asked her.
"That was about your acceptance letter that came today." She said, beaming at me.
"Acceptance letter for what?"
"Hogwart school of witchcraft and wizardry, what else would it be for, Morgan, you knew it would come when you were eleven."
"It's here?!" I shrieked. I had been half expecting it to never come because Mum is a muggle, and they might not want me there. But Mum always assured me it would come, because Dad was a great enough wizard for both of them.
I snapped out of my train of thought and snatched the letter from Mum. I opened it a little to fast, accidentally tearing the corner off, luckily there was no writing there. I slowed down, unfolded the letter, and started reading. With all the happiness I was feeling, I must have made a funny face because Mum laughed at me and told me to calm down a bit. As if I could calm down, I finally got to go to Hogwarts!

"I'm going to Hogwarts! I'm going to Hogwarts!" I chanted as I skipped around the room, furiously happy with life. Of course, my brother Oliver chose that moment to waltz down the stairs to tell me to shut up because he was trying to sleep. I gave him the biggest grin I could manage and kept on skipping. It was 9 in the morning. He should be up by now anyway.

"Morgan, what are you doing?" He asked, dragging the 'are' out way too long.
"Skipping." I told him.
"Yes, I got that. Why?"
"Cos I finally got my letter!" I said in a squealy voice I was sure would make him laugh, to make up for waking him up.
It worked. He laughed. And then, much to my surprise, the curtain I was standing beside fell right on my head. He laughed again, harder this time.

I crawled out from under the curtain and gave Oliver an evil smile. "Alright buddy, your on now. But you'll never know when I'm gonna getcha!" told him playfully. He just giggled and ran back up the stairs.
"Hey Ollie, wait up. You gotta put the curtain back up!" I yelled after him
No reply.
Sigh. 8 year olds.
I folded up the curtain and left it on the couch for Oliver to put back up later.

I then continued my skipping. "I'm going to Hogwarts! I'm going to Hogwarts!"
Mum just smiled at me.

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