Twins x2 (Weasley Twins Love Story)

This is a group story I'm doing with fredandgeorgeluvr. You'll find out everything you need to know in the story. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to comment, rate, favorite and whatnot.

Chapter 1

The Other Twins(Sarah's POV)

"I am bored!" my twin sister stated for the hundreth time. "Lexi, you've told me every five minuets for the past two hours! I know!" I snapped. I sauntered over to the window and gazed out at the starry night sky. "Why don't we write to the ''other'' twins," I suggested after a long silence. The other twins are Fred and George Weasley. Lexi and I always refer to them as that. "Ok!" Lexi agreed. She rummaged in her trunk for a quill and some spare parchment. There was a loud thud. "Lexi! Do you know what Lindsey will do to us if she hears us?" I warned. Lindsey is our step-mother. We're half-bloods. When Mum found out that Dad was a wizard, which was a month or two after we were born, she left me, Lexi, and Dad. He soon remarried a women, Lindsey, who only likes him for his money. Ever since she said, "I do," our life has been a living hell. She forbids us to talk about magic. Me and my twin sister are locked up in our room for most of the time. Lexi came over to the desk and we started writing.

Dear Fred and George,
How's your summer been? Our's has been pretty lousy. The second we got home, Lindsey confiscated all of our Dungbombs along with most everything that has to do with magic. Could you ask your parents if we could come and stay at the Burrow so we don't starve to death?

Hope to see you soon,
Sarah and Lexi

"Sounds good!" Lexi said. "Hey maybe could meet Harry this year! I sure hope so. We haven't seen him since...." she trailed off. "Since we were three," I concluded. Harry is our cousin. Dad was James's brother and they were really close. Every other day practically, we'd be at Aunt Lily and Uncle James's house. The reason Dumbledore didn't leave Harry with us is Lindsey wouldn't accept him. "Come here Twix!" I called. Twix is our pet owl. She reminds us of a Twix candy bar. I tied our letter to her leg and she set off into the night sky. Our door opened then slammed back closed. "Oh yay! Dinner," I said blandly. Tonight's dinner was some cold chicken noodle soup. Hours past and Twix hadn't come back yet. Around 10:00 at night, she came flying through our window. Four words were scribbled on the back of our letter. ''See you at midnight.'' We had no idea what it meant. "Go to bed, you two!" Lindsey hissed. We obeyed and got into bed and slept a dreamless sleep. At least, for part of the night. Around midnight, a tapping on the window woke us up. A flying car was outside our window. Three redheads were smiling at us; Fred, George, and Ron Weasley.

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