Hot Gimmick

I did not write this.

Chapter 1

I Fell For Someone I Shouldn't Have.

My name is Hatsumi Narita. I'm just an ordinary high school girl like you might see anywhere.

To start off, I'm going to tell you about my crazy days from fall to winter when I was sixteen.

I live with my six-member family in Tokyo's S Ward, at the Higashigaoka company housing complex of Tobishi Trading Company.

The complex is just like a monarchy. Relations between neighbors strictly follow Tobishi's corporate hierarchy.

In other words, the families of emplyees with higher corporate positions live in larger units on the higher floors, and the ladies of those houses are treated with deferential respect by the other women of the complex.

Mrs. Tachibana, the wife of a managing director, is the number one big shot, and she acts just like she's queen.

Allow me to illustrate. If you're taking out the trash in the morning and Mes. Tachibana notices you breaking one of the're dead.

Once she came up to me with a pack of flunkies at her heels, and while smartly repositioning her eyeglasses, said, "Isn't your father still a sub-section chief assistant?"!

"Please don't do anything that would tarnish the dignity of our complex," Mrs. Tachibana continued.

Grrrrrr... Patience, patience...

If this is what it's like when your just taking out the trash, you can imagin how bad things would be in a more serious situation.

It's really frustrating, but I have no choice except to get along as well as possible with Mrs. Tachibana in order for my family to live in peace at the complex.

My grumpy dad is living alone in Osaka on a temporary assignment, but he comeback to Tokyo every now and then.

If someone in our family were to piss off Mrs. Tachibana, my dad would be "restructured" out of the company, and it's entirely possible our family would end up homeless.

My mom, or course, is the one who cares the most about what the Tachibana's think. She works hard at her part-time job to help make ends meet.

My brother, Shinogu, is two years older than me. He's a freshman at Hitotsubashi Univesity.

Smart? Yeah, and really cool!

Most of the time Shinogu isn't home because his part-time job keels him busy. He's been my best buddy since we were little, and I'm really proud of him.

I so have a sister, Akane (or Aka-chin). She's a third-year junior high student. Akane is the prettiest girl in the complex. She's popular with all the boys, and if she takes a liking to one of them, there's no holding her back!

She's everything I'm not. Oh, well...

Finally, I have a cute little four-year-old brother, Hikaru, who call Hii-kun.

He goes to Himawari Kindergarden, which is near the complex.

And then there's me, a second-year student at Takazono High.

I have to take care of Hii-kun---dropping him off at and picking him up from school, among other things---so indent participate in any after school activities.

My grades are lower than average at what is sometimes called "Bakazono"---or "Idiot"---High.

On top of all this, my sixteen-year record of having no boyfriend grows longer by the day. Could I be any more pitiful? (Please don't answer that.)

One day something happened that threw my family into a crisis. I bumped into him.

He is none other than Ryoko Tachibana. Yes, that's right, Mrs. Tachibana's only son.

Ever since he pushed me down the stairs of the complex when I was little, he has been my worst nightmare.

The very thought of him frightens the crap out of me.

Fortunately, after the stairs incident I managed to avoid him because we went to different schools. I was leading a fairly peaceful life until...

...Akane totally freaked me out one day with some major news. "I think I might be preggers," she said. I hated it, but I had to go buy a pregnancy test for her. I managed to get one, but then, just when I let my guard down, my luck ran out and I bumped into him near the elevator.

He was wearing glasses and the white uniform with the blue trim of the prestigious Kaisei Academy. He was tall and his face was...well, not bad, I guess, but his cold, mocking eyes hadn't changed a bit.

I dropped the plastic bag I was carrying, the pregnancy test popped out, and just as I might have expected, he fired off some nasty remark.

Dam, I thought, I am so dead...

It would be doomsday for my family if Mrs. Tachibana found out.

In desperation I ran after him...

"Please, I beg you, don't tell your mother about this!"

Forget dignity---I was pleading! But guess what he said?

"Fine. I'll keep quiet, but you have to be my slave."

So, that was the beginning of my twisted relationship with Ryoki Tachibanna and the beginning of the Narita family crisis.

To Be Continued...

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