101 Reasons To Love The Beatles

i have been working on this FOREVER, so enjoy!! Comment with your own, too!! :)

Chapter 1

101 Reasons

1. John Lennon

2. Paul McCartney

3. George Harrison

4. Ringo Starr

5. The hilarious Beatles movies

6. The adorable faces Ringo makes when drumming

7. The tons of other great bands and artists that you hear because they were related to the Beatles in some way

8. Ringo's passionate, involved tambourine playing during the "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" scene

9. The way John holds his guitar super high when he's on stage

10. Their accents!!!

11. George's body ;)

12. The original title and lyrics to "Yesterday"

13. Ringo's nose :3

14. Their humor

15. Paul, the master of the puppy dog look

16. The way they all bow together

17. They way they have no leader, and each member is no more important than the other

18. Paul singing "I'm Down"

19. The "She loves you, yeah yeah yeah..." at the end of All You Need Is Love

20. Ringo's brilliant blue eyes

21. John singing "this boy"

22. Them in the Sgt. Pepper uniforms


24. Them in their striped breach outfits :D

25. Them in their tiny swim shorts ;)

26. The epic Abbey Road Medley

27. Johns smile and laugh

28. The Can't Buy Me Love scene in Hard Days Night XD

29. The feedback at the beginning of "I Feel Fine"

30. "Will those in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, just rattle your jewelry?"

31. Arthur :)

32. John's epic sideburns

33. George in his white t-shirt during AHDN ;)

34. Paul in his black t-shirt during Help! ;)

35. Paul's eyes in the "Hey Jude" music video

36. Brian Epstien

37. Stu Sutcliffe

38. George Martin

39. Billy Preston's piano playing on the Let it Be album

40. "You're a swine"

41. Ringo's height

42. Their sons, for giving us at least one more generation of their beauty

43. How proper they look drinking tea 

44. They way Paul bounces when he performs 


46. The instrument switch during the Another Girl scene in Help! (John on drums, George on bass, Ringo on guitar, Paul on the girl ;))

47."Hey, Be-atle!!"

48. The scream at the beginning of Revolution

49. Paul's femininity 

50. John's 65-66 grown-out moptop

51. The Beatles Cartoon!!

52. Jeremy Hillary Boob, P.H.D.

53. George bravely receiving a black eye for Ringo during the Pete Best riots

54. The Beach Boys-like vocals on Paperback Writer

55. Beatle boots :)

56. "Well if he's your grandfather who knows? Hahahahahaha!"

57. John's Bob Dylan-style hat

58. Their inspirational quotes

59. Their funny quotes

60. The In My Life piano solo (by the great George Martin)

61. George's one-man photo shoot in HDN

62. The way they admit they're not perfect (even though they so are)

63. Billy Shears

64. John's glasses- both granny and Buddy Holly :)

65. George's vampire fangs

66. "Jeweler, you failed!!"

67. The way they all got 'staches at the same time

68. George eating his cymbal :D

69. The way they saw the Rolling Stones as friends, not competition

70. George and Ringo's bromance ;)

71. Paul's love of animals :)

72. The vocals in "Because"

73. Ringo's "clueless" face

74. How George was the "quiet" or "serious" one but he had Monty Python friends

75. Johns bathtub scene in HDN :3

76. How photogenic they all are

77. George tripping Ringo after he trips in the first few seconds if HDN, and John looking behind him and laughing, wondering if he should stop too

78. Purely the fact that they are British

79. Ringo's dorky haircut in Help! :)

80. Paul's eyelashes

81. John singing "twist and shout"

82. The way Georges accent is so much different than the other three :)

83. Ringo's hiding spot when attacked in the Help movie

84. Their friendship <3

85. The way they made just walking across the street brilliant 

86. Georges turnip-tip hair look on the cover of "Beatles for Sale"

87. The interviews from "Live at the BBC"

88. The way they all got mullets at one point after the band broke up

89. Paul's lip-syncing fail and John's Elvis move in the Hello Goodbye video

90. "I now declare this bridge, open!"

91. Paul's skipping in "The Fool On the Hill" scene in MMT

92. When asked if the Beatles planned to write any anti-war songs, John replied, "All our songs are anti-war"

93. When George knocked over the amp in HDN :)

94. The exciting adventure of Paul on the floor

95. Ringo's first and last drum epic drum solo in "The End"

96. Betty, John's hairy twin

97. "Zap!!"

98. When George mistook John for a bad guy in the epic Help! fight, and Ringo's ninja skills at work

99. Paul singing "Oh Darling!"

100. They changed music forever 

101. They're the Beatles <3


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