Doesn't the title explain it?

Chapter 1

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Hello my loyal Quibblo friends and all you internet creeps out there! My name is Joey and I'm a conga-holic. By the way, I'm a girl! I have long, green hair that smells like musturd and black fangs that curl over my top lip. Other than that, I'm very pretty and eligible! I'm 19 and 7/8 years of age and I work for the Flying Ducthman. Does anyone have a soul they could lend me? I'm sick of that job so, I'm growing a beard so I can join the circus. Justin Biber is my sister. SOB I'm so ashamed! Somtimes, I lose my head. Crud! I lost it again! The next chapter will have to wait till I find it.

P.S. I don't consider myself funny, I did this to make myself laugh.
P.P.S. Please comment! I want too know what you think. Yeah, it's sucks I know so tell me it sucks.
Rainbow Ninja out.

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