This is Me

I'm sorry i'm not perfect, i hope you will be able to forgive me...

Chapter 1

I'm far from perfect......

I lie... because i'm scared of the truth
I'm mean... because that's the only thing that will keep me from crying
I'm selfish... because i've shared too many people just to have them completely taken away in the end
I'm bossy... because i want everything to be perfect
I can never make up my mind... because i'm afraid of making the wrong choice
I'm afraid to fall in love... because i'm scared you won't love me back
I'm judgemental... because i want to feel better about myself
I'm not trustworthy... because i don't even trust myself
I cry... because it's easier than cutting
I cut... because i'm all out of tears
I'm ungrateful... because i don't know how to thank you enough
I'm bland... because i'm tired of feeling
I'm pushy... because i want you to do your best
I'm childish... because i wish i could go back and be a kid again
I'm quiet... because i hate attention
I'm serious... because i had to grow up early
I'm independent... because i've felt alone for as long as i can remember
I'm distant... because i've been hurt too many times
I give up... because there is no point in trying anymore
I'm conceited... because that's the only way i can hide my insecurities
I'm negative... because it's too hard to be positive
I'm unresponsive... because i'm lost in my thoughts
I'm short-tempered ... because i've been pushed past my breaking point too many times
And i can't stop loving you... because i don't know how to do anything else


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