Finding The One (Michael Jackson)

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Chapter 1

Michael and Me

I walked into the studio with my makeup supplies and brushes. Now most girls would be excited about working on the set of thriller. But I was never really a big fan on Michael Jackson. I mean a guy like that must have a pretty big ego. 
I saw Michael talking to his director about the set. I turned towards one of the dancers that was getting ready to be zombiefied. 
"Here, Sara." John said as he covered the dancers face "Work on his eyes, would you?"

Michael's pov
I turned around to see the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. She had brown hair and her bright green gaze was thoughtful as she worked on one of my dancers eyes making them look scary. 
"Who is that?" I asked Quincey. 
"Her?" he motioned towards the girl "Thats our new makeup artist. John insisted we bring her in."
"Whats her name?" I asked curiously
Quincy gave me a shove towards her. 
"Go find put yourself." he said. 

As I walled towards her, she met my gaze with bright green eyes.
"Hello." she nodded her head in greeting. 
I flashed her a smile, but she didn't seem phased by it. 

Sara's pov
He had a really cute smile. I thought to myself. Maybe he isn't all that I thought he was. Of course he hasn't spoken yet. 
"I'm Michael." he extended his hand. 
"Sara." I said taking his hand. 
He shook my hand lightly and flashed another adorable smile. 
"Hey, you like zombies right?" he asked mischieviously. 
"Not really, no." I answered. 
"Ok." he said then dashed off. 
Ok. That was beyond weird. I thought to myself and frowned. 

"Sara?" Quincy walked up to me. "Could you go into the recording room?"
"Sure." I smiled and headed my way to the room. 
I pushed the door open to find it pitch dark. Ok that's the second weird thing today. I frowned. 
I felt around for the light switch and kicked something hard. I cursed silently and finally found the light switch and clicked it on. 
Staring at me, inches from my face was the face of a zombie. It lumbered towards me. I screamed and shot out of the room like a rocket. Then I suddenly recognized the face. 
I stopped and turned around to see that Michael had turned out the light again. 
I stomped back into the room and clicked on the light. Michael was laughing. 
"You so shoulda seen your face." his laugh echoed around the room almost eerie like. 
I frowned. 
"You-" I began. "Oh, just forget it." 
I turned to stomp out of the room when he grabbed my arm. 
"I'm sorry." he said apologetically. "I didn't mean to make you angry."
I folded my arms and arched my eyebrow. 
"I really am." he put on his best cute sorry face. "Forgive me?"
I sighed. 
"Fine. You're forgiven." 
He flashed me a smile. 
"Good." he said. 
I turned to leave but he continued. So I turned back around. 
"Do you think you could maybe show me how you did those zombiefied eyes tomorrow?" he asked nervously. 
"But we don't have-" then I realized what he was asking. "Sure." I smiled. 


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