Lovestruck Jayy Von Monroe love story

Hi I'm Jake and I'm 18 and Jayy's 19 I'm mexican but very pale and I have blue eyes, my hair is neon green with streaks of black and one streak of pink on the side.

Chapter 2

Jake the little sweet heart

by: KDVampire
When I first saw Jake I though cool hair that was untill he got in the van then I though smexy.
He took a Blow Pop and was mad when he found out the blue was cherry. I couldn't help but laugh at him. He was wearing a cute Hello Kitty Hoodie and and dark purple skinny jeans with a Hello Kitty Belt and Matching Hello Kitty Converse. His hair was Green with black streaks and one streak of pink on the side.
"So you like Hello Kitty," I laughed.
"Yep," he smiled.
"So any other characters you like besides the kitty," I asked putting the though of Daniel in the back of my head.
"Gir, I guess, but nothing beats the kitty," he laughed.
"Yeah right Gir's beast," I giggled. Now I had to start flirting.
Camra time.
"Guys vlog," I anounced.
"So this is our new Merch boy isn't he so smexy," I laughed. "Say hi--, wait you need a stage name Tomee has one I have one Dahvie has one."
"Oh Jake Melody is what I've been using on myspace and stuff," Jake muttered.
"Ok lets try that again," I laughed. "This is our new Merch Boy, Jake Melody, isn't he smexy," I laughed. "Say hi Jake," I squealed.
"Hey, blue Blow Pop but its cherry," he pouted.
"Isn't he so adorable," I squeaked. "Dahvie say hi," I went on.
"Hey youtube Ima pee in your butt," Dahvie screamed. "JK I love you youtub."
"Jake tell us about yourself, here we'll play favorite things," I added.
"Ok," he mused.
I asked him a buch of questions but this last one I had to ask.
"So are you gay, staight or bi," I asked. "You don't have to answer I could edit it out of the video, but we need to know because as you know I'm Bi and Dahvie is kinda Bi and Tomee is gay and our manager is straight," I said comfortingly.
"I'm Gay, completely gay," he anouced.
"You want me to edit that out," I asked.
"Uhhh? No," he said. "The world should know."
"Cool," I said.

"Fagots," some guy yelled as we got out of the van to eat.
"Why because we're gay," Jayy asked inocently.
"Yes and because the way you dress," he yelled. He came running at me but I blocked his punch then he tried to kick and I jumped and he missed.
"Hey I think you should leave," Dahvie said.
"Yeah, you should," Tomee added.
The guy left but he seemed pissed.
We walked in to IHOP which was empty.
We got a booth in the back. I sat next to Jayy and on the across from was Dahvie, Tomee.
"Ok so as our merch boy, all you do is sit at the tent and sell our merch but you get treated as one of the band," Jayy cheered.
"Cool," I said I brought my hand down and smacked it on the table really hard. "Ow fvck," I yelled. I felt a hot pain shoot through my arm starting at my hand. Hot tears ran down my cheeks.
"You ok," Jayy asked.
"No, my hand, I think I broke it," I sobbed.
"Oh no," Jayy worried.
"Hey I'll get the first aid kit from the van," Tomee said.
"Ok," Jayy squeaked.
"I've been here for two hours and I manage to fvck up my hand," I growled.
"Let me see your hand," Jayy asked. I hesitantly gave my hand to him. He took it and streched it out.
"Ow," I screamed.
Then our waitress came with our drinks.
"Can we have some ice he just smacked his hand on the table," Dahvie asked.
"Yeah sure," she said.
Tomee was back with the first aid kit and took out some wrapping stuff.
I looked at my hand and could tell it was broken, I was scared now and I din't know why.
"It's ok," Jayy comforted.
"Here's the ice," she looked at my hand. "There's an urgent care about a block from here if you wanted to get his hand checked out," she added putting down the bag of ice next to Jayy.
Jayy took the wrap and wrapped up my hand and wrist.
"Well my right hands out of the game," I sighed wincing in pain.
"Are you ready to order," she asked. So we all ordered and waited for our food. Jayy held the ice to my hand for me.
"Dude you're still crying does it hurt that much," Tomee asked.
"Yeah normally I'm good with pain but dam this just hurts," I sobbed.
"Want me to kiss it better," Jayy asked.
"Yesh," I answered. Jayy took my hand carfully in his and kissed it. "Feels better already," I laughed.
"Yay," he cheered.

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