why can't i hate you ( a zuko love story)

why can't i hate you ( a zuko love story)

i was watching avatar: the last airbender and thought about how cute zuko was for an anime and decided to do a love story

Chapter 2

get me out

"Ugh!" i exclaimed as prince zuko tossed me into my cell. i bit my lip as a rock cut into my hand and blood started tom come out. he slammed the door with enough force to rattle the small wndow across from my cell. as he walked away i scooched to the farthest end of my cell and inspected my injured hand. it was dirty and i was pretty sure it would get infected, but right now i was trying to figure out how deep the rock had cut. my hand was bleeding a lot so i was almost sure that the rock had cut deep. for the next two days i sat in my cell without food or water. my hand became infected and i became sick. i coughed 24/7 and i was so weak i could barely sit up. on the third dayzuko came back and told the guard something. he opend the door and yelled "Come with me!" i flinched but didn't try to get up. he walked over to me and grabbed my arm and squeezed untill my lips began to quiver with pain. he then pulled me up, but my legs began to buckle and i fell back down and smashed my head against the brick wall. i hissed in pain. zuko then grabbed my wrist and was about to yank me up when he say my hand. my hand was swollen and read and where the cut was on the palm of my hand was a lump that was slightly shiney. zuko took out a knife and i tryed to get away from him, but he held my wrist tighter. he prissed the tip of his knife to the end of my cut and slid it into my skin. i screamed and tryed to get my handaway from him but i couldn't. i saw as my blood ran down my wrist and touched zuko's fingers. "hey give me something for her cut." he said in a cold hard voice. i tore my eyes from the blood on my wrist and looked up at zuko who had his hand reached out to the guard and his amber eyes were looking down at my hand. the guard gave zuko a small leg wrap. zuko wrapped it around my hand and left. i blinked in surprise at what zukohad just done for me. he had most likely saved my life.

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