why can't i hate you ( a zuko love story)

why can't i hate you ( a zuko love story)

i was watching avatar: the last airbender and thought about how cute zuko was for an anime and decided to do a love story

Chapter 3

when i knew

about 20 minutes later he came back with water and bread. i kept my eyes down as zuko slid the tray towards me and then walked away. for the next 4 days zuko brought down bread and water twice a day for me. on the fourth day he opened the door. "Get up now and come with me!" he spat as i shyed a way from him. i slowly got to my feet. he grabbed my arm and yanked me with him. i walked out into the light and saw a ship waiting for us he got me on the ship and then said to one of the people on the ship "Take her to her quarters." i shivered as he looked at me unwillingly. the man poked me with his knife and i walked ahead. i knew i could easily exscape, but i decided i should wait untill we weren't in the fire nation. as the ship left i decided to practice my air bending. i blew the bed sheets off my bed and tipped the table over untill i jumped when the door slammed open. zuko stood there looking around the room. "What the heack did you do!?" he roared as he had fire in his hands. i backed away and decided to stay quiet. "I said what the heck did you do!?" he roared again. his eyes now burning. i began to quiver. he looked at me and then the fire stopped burning and he turned aground. before he shut my door he said "Clean up this mess>" in a much calmer voice. then my door slammed shut and i sank to the floor and fell asleep where i sat.

sorry for it being so short

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