why can't i hate you ( a zuko love story)

why can't i hate you ( a zuko love story)

i was watching avatar: the last airbender and thought about how cute zuko was for an anime and decided to do a love story

Chapter 4

wishing i could stop it

i awoke to pounding on the door. the door slammed open."Oh good your awake." a guard sneered slamming a tray of food on the tabl. i winced as the guard slammed the door. i heard the click of the lock and stood up feeling safer now that the door was locked. i looked at what was on the tray. bread, water, and soup. eh... it's more th\en when i was in the fire nation. i took the tray and sat on the bed and started to pick at the bread loaf. i then thought to my self what if there trying to poisen me? i put the bread down and started to play with the water. i made it circle the room then froze it where the door was deciding to play a oke on zuko or a guard. i put the tray back on the table and decided to fix my bed. when my bed was exactly how i wanted it i sat on the floor cross legged and waited for someone to come in as the minutes came and went i grew tired and bored. my eyes began to droop when i heard a pounding on the door. as the door swung open i held my breath. a guard stepped into the room and fell on the slippery ice. as he sat there dazed i unfroze the water and then froze it around his arms. i ran out of the room and down the hall i stopped when i heard voices coming from the deck. "He'd be about this age." a deep voice said. i crept closer so i could see who was talking. i saw zuko holding an elderly woman. "Fine if you won't tell me where the avatar is i'll burn your village looking for him!" zuko yealled. i knew how he would look. his face twisted with rage and his eyes burning. i was napped out of it when a child said "I'm the avatar."

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