I Love You?

I Love You?

I think I might start uploading some poems. Is that alright? Well, please comment and tell me what you think! Please, it will help me write better ones in the future.(: Thanks! :D

Chapter 1

I Love You?

It started out hot
Didn't like eachother
My stomach in a knot
I said I'd hate you forever

So then what happened?
It's come down to this
We love eachother
No need for a wish

You're stuck in my head
I'm stuck in your dreams
It's just like you said
It's love, it seems

How did we do this?
Turn hate into love?
We were amiss
Of this love dove

I never saw it coming
Never had expected it
How did this loving
Turn into a hit?

It must've been that night
You saw me cry
My heart took flight
And let out a sigh

I do not care
I like it this way
You, warmer than a bear
So like this, it should stay.


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